Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst, Social Activist, Speaks

Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst 1882 – 1960, suffragist movement, worked for peace causes, post-World War I, started the Toy factory out of concern for women’s inadequate wages, and “price cost restaurants” with the hungry could order inexpensive meals. Supported birth control and sex education.

She also opposed abortion.

“Increasing numbers of people argue that, when faced with undesired pregnancy, women will procure abortions by hook or by crook; therefore the law should permit abortion, provided it be done under state supervision with strict aseptic precautions… It is grievous indeed that social collectively should feel itself obliged to assist in… abortion in order to mitigate Its crudest evils. The true mission of society is to provide the conditions, legal, moral, economic, and obstetric, which will assure happy and successful motherhood.”

“Abortion” by Estelle Sylvia Pankhurst

Save the Mothers (London: Knopf, 1930) 108 – 110

Rachel McNair, Mary Krane Derr, and Linda Naranjo-Hubbl. Pro-Life Feminism: Yesterday and Today (New York: Sulzburger & Graham Publishing, Ltd.) 131

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