Dr. Philip Ney on Child Abuse

Philip Ney developed a therapeutic treatment program called Hope Alive: Postabortion And Abuse Treatment, an inpatient program:

he says:

“People who have had an abortion are more likely to abuse their children and people who have been abused are more likely to have an abortion… Abortion results in more postpartum depression and therefore less bonding, less touching and less breast-feeding… It should be noted that one of the earliest arguments was that aborting unwanted children would diminish the incidence of child abuse. Statistics show precisely the opposite; that is, with more frequent abortions, all kinds of child abuse have increased.”

He added

“Child mistreatment and abortion are both cause-and-effect, one of the other. Abortion also runs in families, with mothers and grandmothers for three to four generations having had abortions often for the same reasons.”

Ney P, Peeters A. Hope alive: Postabortion And Abuse Treatment. A Training Manual for Therapists “Victoria, British Columbia: Pioneer Publishing, 1993)

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