Dr. Don Sloan, Abortionist, on an Abortion Procedure

Abortionist Dr. Don Sloan discusses the D & E abortion:

“With the D&E, as with any suction procedure, the materials passing through the suction tip are easy to see, and at that stage, the clear polyethylene tubing and the translucent plastic cannula are of a large enough bore to allow you to identify what you are seeing. In fact, it’s medically required that you do so, to confirm that the abortion is total and the uterus empty. Out pass the limbs, the intestines and the various internal organs. Most important, it is imperative for the operator to be convinced that the skull tissue has passed, this being the largest part of the fetus formed at that stage of pregnancy.”

late first trimester

Don Sloan, M.D., with Paula Hartz. Choice: A Doctor’s Experience with the Abortion Dilemma (New York: New York International Publishers) 1992 p 187

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