Dr. Charlotte Denman Lozier on Abortion

Dr. Charlotte Denman Lozier was one of the first women physicians in United States. She was active in the fight to win women equal rights in the 1800s.

In Susan B Anthony’s newspaper, The Revolution, December 2, 1869

“Dr. Charlotte Lozier of 323 W. 34th St., of this city [New York], was applied to last week by man pretending to be from South Carolina, by the name, Moran, as he also pretended, to procure an abortion on a very pretty young girl apparently about 18 years old. The Dr. assured him that he’d come to the wrong place for any such a shameful, revolting, unnatural and unlawful purpose. She proffered to the young woman any assistance in her power to render, at the proper time, and cautioned and counseled her against the fearful act which she and her attendant (whom she called her cousin) proposed. The man becoming quite abusive, instead of appreciating and accepting the Council of the spirit which was proffered, Dr. Lozier caused his arrest under the laws of New York for his inhuman proposition, and he was held and in bail in $1000 per appearance in court.”

20 – 21 of Rachel McNair, Mary Krane Derr, and Linda Naranjo-Hubbl. Pro-Life Feminism: Yesterday and Today (New York: Sulzburger & Graham Publishing, Ltd.)

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