Dr. Bernard Nathanson Records an Ultrasound Video of a Baby Being Aborted

The late Dr. Bernard Nathanson performed thousands of abortions before becoming pro-life. He claims that the reason he stopped doing abortions was because he began to have doubts about the humanity of the unborn baby due to advances in technology, including the availability of ultrasounds. He made the famous film “The Silent Scream” which had a major impact on the abortion debate in the 1980s when it was produced. He says this of the taping of the famous video:

“By 1984, however, I had begun to ask myself more questions about abortion: what actually goes on in an abortion? I had done many, but abortion is a blind procedure. The doctor does not see what he’s doing. He puts an instrument into a uterus and he turns on a motor, and the suction machine goes on and something is vacuumed out; it ends up as a little pile of meat in a gauze bag. I wanted to know what happened, so in 1984 I said to a friend of mine, who was doing 15 or maybe 20 abortions a day, “Look, do me a favor, Jay. Next Saturday, when you are doing all these abortions, put an ultrasound device on the mother and tape it for me.”

He did, and when he looked at the tapes with me in an editing studio, he was so affected that he never did another abortion. I, though I had not done an abortion in five years, was shaken to the very roots of my soul by what I saw.”

Dr. Bernard Nathanson is not the only abortion provider to be affected by an ultrasound guided abortion. Abby Johnson, the former manager of a Planned Parenthood clinic, became pro-life on the spot after witnessing an ultrasound abortion of a 13-week-old unborn baby. She watch the baby torn apart on the screen and, in that instant, realized how wrong she had been in supporting and promoting abortion. Joan Appleton, another abortion clinic worker, had a similar conversion when she saw an ultrasound guided abortion, and so the baby struggling to get away from the instruments.

Nathanson, Bernard N, M.D The Hand of God: a Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind (Washington DC: Regnery Publishing Inc, 1996) 140 – 141

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