Doctor pressures woman with German Measles to abort

From an author who observed abortions and did research on abortion:

“It can happen that it is the doctor who is arguing for an abortion and the patient who is trying to make a case against it. “I don’t really want an abortion,” said a 30 year-old patient who had contracted German measles in early pregnancy to the registrar at the Hammersmith Hospital. “It is your duty to the state to have an abortion,” he replied. Doctors tend to be directional, yes…They may also be very pro-abortion.

Indeed, since abortion has been legalized, they may be more likely to be pro-abortion, since it is the legal and easy way out of a pregnancy problem. If a woman has a child with the support of her doctor, and the child turns out to have a problem – say, a physical or mental handicap – the doctor may afterwards be blamed…Whereas if the woman has an abortion, the doctor has no further responsibility whatsoever. Therefore, it can be in the interest of the doctor to lean towards abortion.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 264

Feet of baby at 10 weeks
Feet of baby at 10 weeks
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Author: Sarah

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