Doctor’s Deception Puts Woman in Danger

Dr. Bernard Nathanson described how patient care was compromised in the abortion clinic he ran because physicians were seeking more money. Doctors were being paid based on the number of abortions they performed and:

“The pay system inspired incredible situations. Walden [one of the abortionists] told me that when he first started, the practice was that a “senior” doctor with more experience at the clinic would have to confirm the newcomer’s estimate on how far along the pregnancy was. One day he estimated the woman at 16 weeks, and called in a “senior” with a solid reputation outside the clinic who told him, “She’s only 10 weeks. You can do her.” Walden started to work and soon was in the middle of a treacherous, 16 week abortion that took him an hour and a half, with blood, bone and fetal parts all over the room. Meanwhile the “senior” doctor was running through three women and earning three times the pay while he was tied up. Walden told me that the old hands pulled this on a lot of the new boys, to tangle them in impossible cases and reduce the competition for fees. On the side, of course, there was the trifling matter that they were putting the women patients in unnecessary danger.”

Bernard N Nathanson, M.D. with Richard N Ostling. Aborting America (Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Company, 1979)  P112 – 113

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