Doctor weighs pros and cons of D&E procedure

In an article in the Lancet, a doctor explains that a D&E procedure (where the baby is dismembered in utero) is easier for a woman to undergo than an induction abortion, where the woman has to go through labor.

He says:

“The well-being of the woman who has made the painful decision to have her 20 week pregnancy terminated must be at the center of the debate. The procedure must be the physically safest and least distressing possible.…

Dilation and evacuation is distressing for the surgeon and the theater nurses but is much less distressing than medical abortion or ward staff and for other women who are patients in the ward. The distress felt in the theater is acceptable if those involved are convinced that the abortion is necessary for the woman.”

DB Paintin, Lancet, 1989, Vol. 2, P 563

In Jenny Bryan Abortion (East Sussex, England: Wayland Publishers Limited, 1991) 43

Here is a diagram of a D&E procedure.


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