Doctor Describes the Harvesting of an Aborted Baby’s Organs

Ever since abortion was legalized, there has been debate over whether or not the bodies of aborted babies can be used for research purposes. In America of 2012, there are laws that govern the use of fetal tissue. These laws prohibit abortion clinics for making money from selling the bodies of aborted babies. However, there are loopholes in the law that allow clinics to make money off the bodies of aborted children under certain circumstances. Go here to learn more.

The following testimony was presented to the US Supreme Court by the Atty. Gen. of Connecticut with his March 14, 1973 petition for rehearing the appeals of Markle v. Abele (72 – 56 and 72 – 730).

Q: Are you a medical doctor?

A: Yes

Q: At any time did you ever observe abortions at Yale – New Haven hospital?

A: Yes.

Q: Would you please tell us what, if anything, you observed?

A: There are two types of abortions that I have witnessed, one is what they call a hysterotomy when the fetus is much bigger and the pregnancy is much more advanced… This fetus is a fairly well formed fetus and has a beating heart, not necessarily breathing but the heart is beating and it is alive at the time it is taken out. This is put in some kind of the container and, of course, after it has been detached from the womb it obviously dies off in time. I don’t particularly witness that moment when they take the last heartbeat, we don’t go into the detail of monitoring that.

picture of a second trimester unborn baby

Q: Can you give any further details as to how the baby appears once the incision is made and from the time it is taken out?

A: The baby appears well formed, it has all its hands and feet and the mouth and ears and the nose and eyes, and all that.

Q: Doctor, can you tell us what movements, if any, you can observe in such a baby?

A: There are a few purposeless movements of the extremities… Without any purpose, they have this sort of gasping action, sort of moving their limbs about, they call it purposeless, there is no purpose for it, it gives you an idea that some of the musculature is already developed.

Q: Are there movements at the time it is put in a container? [After the umbilical cord is cut]

A: Yes…

Q: Was there a case where some type of surgical procedure was performed on a baby after induced abortion?

A: I did not actually observe the operation itself.

Q: Can you tell us anything about it, to the extent that you know?

A: A baby was aborted by hysterotomy. Then it was taken to another room with a medical student.

Q: Do you know why it was taken out of the room?

A: Well, they wanted to get something out of it.

Q: How did you know they were trying to get something out of it?

A: That’s what they said. I just overheard it. They were going to get some kind of abdominal organ, I think it was the liver. I was not very sure.

Q: You overheard this from whom, a nurse?

A: From the doctor.

Q: Was this the doctor that was presumably going to take this liver or whatever it was?

A: Yes, and the obstetrician that was performing the operation.

Q: When it was taken out of the room, did it have any movements?

A: It had some movements.

Q: Were there any excretions at all?

A: Excretions, urine, yes.

Q: Can you describe how the medical student appeared when he returned?

A: He was sort of pale. He said he felt sort of sick in his stomach. That’s why he left the room and went back to the operating room where I was.

Q: Do you recall what, if anything, the medical student said?

A: He just said he couldn’t stand it.

Q: Do you know whether or not this baby was given any anesthesia when the operation was done?

A: I don’t think so…

Suzanne M Rini. Beyond Abortion: a Chronicle of Fetal Experimentation. (Rockford, Illinois: Tan Books and Publishers, 1988)  pages 76 to 78

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  1. Might sound horrible to some people but considering that this baby was going to die anyways and thrown out, if they can get something out of it that will benefit other people- then why not?

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