Development of Reflexes and Response to Touch in Unborn Babies

On what the unborn baby feels:

“At 7.5 weeks’ gestation, reflex responses to somatic stimuli begin, and touching the perioral region [mouth] results in a contralateral bending of the head. The palms of the hands become sensitive to stroking at 10.5 weeks, and the rest of the body and hindlimbs become sensitive at approximately 13.5 weeks. Shortly after the development of sensitivity, repeated skin stimulation results in hyperexcitability and a generalized movement of all limbs. This hyperexcitability has been interpreted as evidence for the presence of a functional pain system, reflecting an immature but intact pain response with early hypersensitivity to stimulation.”

8 weeks

Derbyshire, Stuart W.G. PhD. “Fetal ‘Pain’-A Look at the Evidence.” American Pain Society Bulletin. July/August 2003. Vol. 13, Num. 4.

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