Crisis Pregnancy Center Worker Recounts Experience with Ultrasound

“Recently at our Morristown center, I served a young, strong-willed woman, named Gina. She came with some supportive friends to receive options counseling before getting an abortion. While Gina waited with her friends, another client stopped by our office. The two were family acquaintances and immediately the current client began questioning Gina about why she was at First Choice. As soon as Gina mentioned she was pregnant and that she was terminating, the other client began telling her why she was making such a bad decision. At first, I thought this was great, because the other client was instructing Gina to keep the baby and not abort. However, as soon as I sat down with Gina she clearly stated, “No one can change my mind about getting an abortion! Not my friends in the waiting room and not that girl who just came in, and definitely not you.” I let Gina know that was not my intention to force her not to abort but rather to present her with her options so she could make the best, most well-informed decision.

I began mentally preparing to alleviate myself of this client’s decision to terminate her pregnancy because her decision was not my burden to carry. I knew this was her choice and she was clearly set on it. After all, if she remained steadfast in her decision despite the people in her life encouraging her not to abort, why would she respect the information I had to share with her?

Gina and I met for about an hour and it was such a pleasant time. I got to know her and her family dynamics, life objectives, and relationship with the father of her baby. I reviewed information on abortion with her and invited her to listen as I discussed the options of parenting and adoption so that she could truly make the best decision for herself. She welcomed the opportunity and afterwards thanked me for helping her to think about the pregnancy from other perspectives. But even after our time together, Gina was firm in decision to abort.

Then Gina had an ultrasound, and it was life changing! Immediately after looking at the monitor, Gina looked at our nurse and me and said, “Yo, that’s it! That’s my baby!” (This was the first time she identified “it” as a baby.) “I can do this!” It was such a turn of events…”

1st trimester sonogram

Melissa Fischer “Gina’s Decision” Heartbeat Newsletter (First Choice Women’s Resource Centers, New Jersey) Summer 2012, p2

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