Court Testimony: The Reasons for Partial-Birth And Late-Term Abortions

Rep Charles  T. Canady said in testimony on the partial-birth abortion ban (Discharging the Committee on the Judiciary from Further Consideration Of the President’s Veto of HR 1833, Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 1995) documented on September 9, 1996 Capital Words, A Project of the Sunlight Foundation volume 142 , number 130 (found here)

“Another abortionist, Dr. James McMahon, who performed partial-birth abortions in the third trimester on five women who appeared with President Clinton at his April 15 veto event, submitted to Congress a detailed breakdown of a series of over 2,000 partial-birth abortions. He classified only 9 percent as involving maternal health indications, of which the most common was depression. Other health reasons included spousal drug exposure and the youth of the mother. That is what they are talking about when they talk about health.

Another 56 percent of these abortions were for fetal flaws, but these included a great many nonlethal disorders such as cleft lip and Down’s syndrome.

Most strikingly, Dr. McMahon did not list reasons, not even depression or cleft lip, for more than one-third of the partial-birth abortions he performed. “

24 week old fetus- likely age for a partial birth abortion

While this information applies to partial-birth abortions, which are preformed late in pregnancy (usually at or beyond the latter part of the second trimester) the statistics hold true for all late-term abortions – most are not done for dire medical reasons. For more information on late-term abortions, the reasons they are done, and how the laws of different states deal with them, go here.

To see pictures of the remains of babies aborted late-term, go here.


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