Co-Founder of Silent No More on helping women

Georgette Forney describes how she began talking to women who were suffering due to their abortions after she spoke out about her own abortion:

“After my daughter learned of my abortion, I started sharing my story publicly—and took the job as Executive Director of NOEL (now Anglicans for Life), a life-affirming ministry in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Early in my tenure, I was asked to do peer-to-peer on-line counseling with women who had had abortions. I began getting emails from women and girls who had had abortions – some that day, some 10 years prior. Each email expressed pain and regret. Over the course of three years, I received over a thousand emails. I’ll never forget the first email I received from a girl who was 16. She had had the abortion on Saturday and Sunday night she emailed saying, “I can’t go to school tomorrow and pretend everything is fine, I feel like dying.” Others wrote things like: “I just saw a diaper commercial and I can’t stop crying.” I got emails from women worldwide who shared their abortion pain and how their lives were a mess. They wanted help; they wanted to know they weren’t the only ones hurting. They always expressed relief to know help was available and they weren’t alone in their pain.”

She describes the reaction of a pro-abortion professor soon after the co-founded Silent No More:

“In 2002, when we started the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, a pro-abortion professor from a California college wrote an article about the campaign. She cited research that disproves any claim that women suffer emotionally after abortion and suggested that: “Ms. Forney was probably unstable before her abortion.” As I read the article—I was amazed that this professor would write such a thing—she didn’t even know me. But it was my daughter’s response that put the issue back into perspective for me. She said, “Mom, while they are talking about research that says women aren’t hurting, you’re working seven days a week helping the women they say don’t exist.”

The Reality of Abortion: Reflections on my Journey here. Visited 9/10/2017

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