Clinics Run Like Businesses

From a book by former Feminists for Life president Rachel MacNair:

“Joy Davis (read her story here) told the story of one of the few times the abortion clinics within Birmingham got together. “They sat down and agreed, we’re going to take a half page ad [in the Yellow Pages]. That way, nobody went with a full-page ad… We took out a half page ad, and all the rest of them came out with full-page ads.”

This was on page 53 of Rachel M MacNair, PhD. Achieving Peace in the Abortion War (New York: iUniverse, 2009)

on page 54, Davis mentioned that they always considered supply and demand when figuring out how to make the most money in the abortion clinic.

“We always did that in Birmingham, with Summit and New Women’s Healthcare. We would call in applications to find out what they were charging for that day, and then that’s what our price would be.”

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Author: TA Smith

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