Clinic Workers’ Private Notes Reveal Contempt for Women

In 1988, pro-life activist Robert Ruff found a large number of Planned Parenthood documents in a dumpster behind the clinic. Included in this collection of documents was detailed accounts of abortions by Planned Parenthood employees. Here are a few of these notes:

“Apathetic towards her future and her past- left her child with people in Arkansas. Doesn’t know where she’ll be tomorrow. Very talkative, carefree….Seems to be a rather confused young lady. No problem concerning abortion decision or during procedure.”

“Acted twelve years old. Not very responsible for a seventeen year old. May be a repeater with a birth control attitude. Attitude toward birth control, HORRIBLE. Says she’ll probably quit them but doesn’t want any other method. Very immature.”

“Very bad patient. Wouldn’t relax at all. Kept pulling back on the table. She was ten or twelve weeks and didn’t have much pain but worked herself into a frenzy. Possible repeater.”

From Robert H. Ruff “Aborting Planned Parenthood: Documented Proof of Planned Parenthood’s Systematic Exploitation of Teenagers and Taxpayers” (New York: Life Cycle Books 1988)

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