Clinic Workers Ordered to Falsify Records

Dr. Tommy Tucker was in abortionist who lost his license after being implicated in a number of botched abortions including one that led to the death of a woman he operated on. It was a situation of gross negligence; he left the bleeding woman in the hands of a clinic worker who had no medical training. You can read a first-hand account from the clinic worker here.

When Dr. Tucker was being investigated, he ordered his clinic workers to falsify and shred documents. This wasa according to Harriett Willis Truddle, former director of the clinic. According to an article that appeared in the Birmingham news:

“When he told us we had to cover up . . . if it means we have to throw that folder away and write another folder, we did it,” she testified when asked how far the Southhaven staff went to change records to make it appear the clinic had complied with Mississippi’s rule that requires a woman to wait 24 hours for an abortion.

When expecting a state abortion clinic inspection, “we have stayed at that office from 9 a.m. until 10 that night knowing what Dr. Tucker wanted – to falsify those records. He told us that if we didn’t get through, we didn’t have our jobs,” she testified.

“Murder talk upsets Tucker hearing licensing official ousted after remark about abortion” Birmingham News : April 22, 1994

Quoted by Life Dynamics

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