Clinic Workers Lose Patience with Teenagers Who Have Repeat Abortions

An abortion counselor says that clinic workers

“go to great lengths to help a youngster through an abortion. Despite the emotional stress of the work, they are, as they say “there for her”…But if the same 15 year old becomes a repeater and returns at 16 and 17, and if she develops a cool attitude toward the counseling experience, the reaction is different. The counselor loses her own professional distance.”

Thelma McCormick and Gary Crum “of Abortion: Pro-Choice or Pro-Life” , University Press, 1992 104

Pro-lifers may point out that if it is wrong to abort a child (the second one) why is it ok to abort another child (the first one?) The sequence may be different, but the fetuses in the womb are the same. They are either both life, or both not life.

end of first trimester – many abortions are done around this time
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