Clinic workers examine abortion “tissue” with limbs

From a reporter who went to an abortion clinic:

In the clinic, a lab sits between the two procedure rooms. After a first-trimester abortion, the physician’s assistant passes the instruments into the lab through a small door, along with a jar with a narrow cloth bag inside that holds the removed tissue. For early pregnancies, the lab technician rinses the bag in a shallow bowl of water to make sure the feathery tissue of the early fetus was fully removed. Everything is then collected in small vats that are sent out as medical waste. The vats for the second-term abortions are filled with tissue, as well, though at that stage, the fetus is no longer a feathery half-inch of tissue. Small limbs are clearly visible. “It’s a medical procedure,” said Britta, who explained that the clinic staff view their work and examine tissue scientifically, just as other medical professionals do.

Chrisanne Beckner  “Inside the abortion clinic”  January 29, 2004

Former clinic workers have said that baby parts are visible as early as 9 weeks

9 weeks
9 weeks
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