Clinic worker “uncomfortable” about repeat abortions

From an  clinic worker:

The patients who have had more than three abortions are few and far between. But, the fact of the matter is there are women who will present in a clinic five, six, seven times for a procedure.

This makes a lot of people, myself included, uncomfortable on some level.

It makes one wonder – pro-choicers insist that abortion is not the killing of a baby, merely the removal of some cells or the termination of a pregnancy. A fetus is not a child, they say.  If this is true, then why do so many clinic workers get upset when women have repeat abortions? If abortion is benign, and does not harm women are kill children, why is it wrong for woman to have five or six or seven or eight abortions? Or 20 abortions? But the clinic workers know that abortion is bloody, dehumanizing, and results in the dead body of an aborted baby. And so do many other people, deep down. This is why so many pro-choicers as well as clinic workers are troubled by repeat abortions. To more read quotes from clinic workers expressing distress at women who have multiple abortions, go here


Above: sonogram at 12 weeks.Click here to see pictures of what these babies look like after being aborted

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