Clinic Worker Supports Late-Term Abortions

Anne Walshe is an abortion clinic administrator whose clinic performs 16,000 abortions a year. Half these abortions are late-term.

baby Kelly, born premature at 21 weeks

Late-Term abortions are controversial even among pro-choice people. Once an unborn baby can live outside his mother’s womb, most people are very uncomfortable about aborting him. Unborn babies have survived being born prematurely as young as 21 weeks, and viability  (the time when unborn baby is considered able to live independently of the mother) is generally accepted to be at 24 weeks. However, abortion is legal even after this point. Abortion in the second trimester, and even in the third, can be practiced throughout the United States and other countries. Roe versus Wade legalized abortion through all nine months of pregnancy while allowing states to enact restrictions on late-term abortion as long as a woman’s health was not endangered by the pregnancy. However, the court defined health very broadly, to include mental and emotional health. This means that, essentially, there are no legal barriers to prevent a woman from getting a third trimester abortion anywhere in the country, even in states that have laws on the books against them. All she has to do is maintain that the abortion is necessary to preserve her mental health, and there was no legal way to prevent her from killing her third trimester unborn baby.

Anne Walshe defends the women who come in to her clinic to abort their babies in the second and third trimester. She says:

 “What’s the difference? Abortion is abortion. The nice folks who are debating this, who want to draw the line and put a limit on gestational age, will just be putting a restriction on poor women. Women who want abortions get them. It will just force the poor women back to unacceptable remedies.”

Ultimately, Walshe is correct about there not being much difference between an early abortion are late abortion. Each one ends the life of an individual in the womb. The unborn baby at three weeks is just as alive as the unborn baby at three months, which is just alive is the unborn baby nine months, which is, in turn, just as alive as the infant that has been born. It is the same child in different stages of development – whether it is one day old, one month old, or one-year-old, is the same individual who has been conceived and whose life is ended violently in an abortion.

Source: LA Times, The Abortions of Last Resort, 1-7-1990

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Author: TA Smith

Sarah Terzo is a pro-life writer and blogger. She is on the board of The Consistent Life Network and PLAGAL +

One thought on “Clinic Worker Supports Late-Term Abortions”

  1. That is like saying it is okay to kill your newborn baby because she has not “developed enough” to talk already, or walk alone. This is ridiculous! But the mother who goes in for her abortion, (willfully killing her unborn baby), would be fighting for her life if met by a killer. Hope she has “developed enough” to defend herself if someone is hell bent on killing her!

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