Clinic Worker Says Many Late-Term Abortions are Repeat Abortions

On her blog “RealChoice” Christina Dunigan quotes a letter a pro-choice columnist received from a nurse who works in an abortion clinic that does late-term abortions. She discusses the women who come to get them. The pro-choice columnist says of Kay’s letter:

“Kay doesn’t believe in criticizing or hounding women who have to make this extremely tough decision due to severe disability. Her feelings are reserved solely for those who use termination as a form of contraception. Women who, up until last week, I hoped were few and far between. But, according to Kay, these terminations far outstrip those carried out because of fetal abnormality or genuine emotional distress. She says:

“There are girls who come back five or six times demanding terminations and they get them. How can someone coming in for their fifth termination be allowed to keep saying it is due to emotional distress? I should imagine in ten year’s time the emotional distress of being allowed to have five terminations is going to take its toll. What is going on?”

Quoted by Christina Dunigan. RealChoice blog. “Even Abortionists Get Queasy” Sunday, May 18, 2008.



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