Clinic worker Annette on selling abortions at Planned Parenthood

An article in the American Feminist told the story of Annette, a former Planned Parenthood worker. The article says:

On many occasions, [Annette] saw women expressing doubts [about abortion], but observed the staff response as uniformly encouraging…. Once, Annette observed the clinic director meeting with a client. To Annette, the woman was asking endless questions and seemed anything but certain about her decision. The patient kept repeating, “I’m really not sure.”

When Annette and the director left the interview room, the director told the staff that the patient was “just fine” and ready to proceed. Annette spoke up and said she didn’t see it that way. … Annette got such heat for speaking up she did not do it again.

The article goes on:

While Annette didn’t again challenge another staff member’s assessment of a client’s readiness to proceed, she did routinely tell clients to reschedule if they were uncertain about going ahead. “I got reprimanded for that because I wasn’t scheduling enough abortion procedures.” She was supposed to schedule 40 abortions a day.

“We were always told that it’s all up to the woman,” Annette said, yet the behaviors at Planned Parenthood were designed to encourage women to choose abortions. “The emotional manipulation of others is what got to me the most.”

Later, at a meeting, Annette spoke up:

“Do I have an abortion quota?” she asked. “Because that’s really what it feels like.”

Her employers first denied there was a “quota.” But as she argued, they admitted that workers were expected to sell 40 abortions a day.

Ellen J. Reich “An Insider’s Look into the Abortion Industry,” The American Feminist Fall/Winter 2016.

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