Clinic worker gives reasons women have second trimester abortions

The article “Inside the abortion clinic” on why late term abortions are done

Most [patients] awaited first-trimester abortions (a simple suction procedure performed in the first three months of pregnancy). But every week, the clinic serves at least a few women who are deep into their second trimesters, which necessitates a more-complex procedure performed up to the end of the sixth month—California’s legal limit of 24 weeks.

According to clinic staff, women who wait past the first three

16 weeks
16 weeks

months of pregnancy do so for countless reasons, some of them tragic, such as when a wanted pregnancy develops some fatal abnormality. Other women can’t decide whether to risk parenthood as teenagers; have partners who discourage abortion; didn’t know they were pregnant (extreme athleticism can disrupt normal menstruation); have partners who die or leave; have a condition in which pregnancy dangerously affects their health; can’t handle the financial burden; are in denial; or postpone their decisions because of drug addiction. Sometimes, women seek abortions because they only want boys, and they’re pregnant with girls.

“It’s different every day,” said [clnic worker] Britta.


In a year, the clinic handles between 2,000 and 3,000 first-trimester abortions, estimated Britta, and anywhere from 500 to 800 second-trimester abortions.

Chrisanne Beckner  “Inside the abortion clinic”  January 29, 2004

9 to 10 week (first trimester) unborn baby
9 to 10 week (first trimester) unborn baby
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