Article explains “circuit provider” abortionists

An article in the The Santa Fe Reporter tells of an abortionist named “Clara” who flies to different abortion clinics throughout the country every week to do abortions.

The article says:

“Known as “fly-ins” or “circuit providers,” doctors like Clara travel to work in clinics that can’t find local doctors willing to do the procedure. Though there are no official figures on fly-ins, or on the overall number of physicians who do abortions, Clara estimates that there are about 100 doctors in the US who, like her, are willing to work in places other doctors simply won’t.”

Abortionist Ted Russell explains why a clinic in New Mexico needs a circuit provider:

“There’s a reason they have to fly a physician in to provide abortion services and have not been able to find a doctor who lives there in the last 10 years. They’d find, personally and professionally, it would be impossible to work there, to live there and to be labeled an abortion doctor.”

He once worked in New Mexico before quitting.

The New Mexico clinic director says her former abortionist was opposed by the medical community. There is still great stigma towards abortion among some doctors and health care providers:

“In her years at the clinic, [the clinic manager] has seen many doctors come and go. The last doctor to both live and work in this city, Ted Russell, whose name has been changed so as not to reveal where Clara works, was hounded out of town a decade ago. Though abortion accounted for only 15 percent of his practice, when Russell tried to refer his other patients to hospitals for deliveries or even X-rays, the hospitals refused them. After 18 months of frustration with the local medical community—not to mention ongoing harassment from protesters—he left, and the clinic has used fly-ins since.”

Sharyn Jackson “Undercover” The Santa Fe Reporter October 5, 2011

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