Christian woman has abortion because “God wouldn’t want her to have a child now”

A crisis pregnancy center director told the following story of a young woman who came in asking for a pregnancy test. She had already taken several and found herself to be pregnant, and she wanted an abortion:

“She told me she was a Christian who regularly attended church, and had put her trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. I know and hold high regard for the church she attended.…

Even though she believed abortion was wrong, given her situation she believed she couldn’t have a baby – that God wouldn’t want her to have a child now. Fears of bringing shame on her family and on her church were the key factors influencing her to think that her abortion was necessary…

She was willing to bear any personal pain that might come with an abortion – physical, emotional or spiritual, she just didn’t want her church and family to suffer from her bad choices.

She convinced herself that abortion, in her case, was a self-denying act. Even with her Christian background, at that moment, she could not feel her feet sliding down a slippery slope. She did not see that trying to cover her sexual sin by having an abortion could bring even greater harm to herself, not to mention ending the life of the child who God entrusted to her care.”

The girl says:

“My life is over. How can I keep going to school and ever hope to be successful in life?… I’m too young. We’re not ready to get married.

What if my parents found out I was pregnant? They would kill me. And they’ve already paid my tuition. If I show up obviously pregnant at my church my parents will have to step down from their leadership positions. Everyone will talk about us.…

I’m sinful by being pregnant and I’m sinful if I abort, so what’s the difference? I have other friends who had abortions and they got over it. It will probably be hard on me emotionally but I really have no choice. And adoption? I could never do that. If I’m going to go through the pregnancy I am not going to give my baby away to people I don’t know…

If I can’t be a good mother, abortion is best so the child doesn’t have to suffer a terrible life. I don’t want to, but you see I really have no other choice.”

Linda Baartse, Joseph Boot and Scott Masson For Life: Defending the Unborn (Toronto: Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity, 2013) 7-8

She had the abortion.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a writer for Live Action and a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life Network. She lives in NJ.

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