Chinese family defies one child policy

A Chinese woman describe the lengths to which a family went to have their “illegal” child.

“Not all illegal pregnancies I heard about during our stay in the Village of the Three Brothers ended in tragedy. One of our visitors… told of how he and his wife defied orders to have an abortion. Their first child had been a girl, and they were desperate to have a son. “I declared to our village Party secretary that we were determined to keep this child,” he said. “He said that we would pay a heavy price for violating the one child policy. “To keep this baby,” I boldly replied, “we will pay any price.”…

“The officials levied a fine of 5000 yuan,” he continued. “We were shocked speechless. 5000 yuan is roughly 20 times our yearly income. But still we obstinately refused an abortion. We put our heads together and managed to come up with about 500 yuan – most of that amount borrowed from my brothers. “We will make installment payments for the rest,” we said. The officials laughed at our offer and carried our pig to the slaughterhouse and our chickens to the butchers. Then they returned for our furniture, auctioning it off in the village square to the highest bidder. We were left with nothing but bare walls and floors. The officials would’ve sold our house, too, but for the fact that it was built condominium style, sharing walls with the homes of my brothers on both sides.

After all our possessions had been sold, the officials told us that we were still 3000 yuan in debt. A struggle meeting was called. I was publicly denounced for having violated the party policy on having children, and for not paying the 3000 yuan we owed the village. How could we pay that debt? We had nothing left but four walls and the clothes on our backs.…

I refused to admit any wrongdoing… “Are you guilty or not guilty?” He asked me. “Not guilty,” I said. They roughed me up a little bit, but they dared not be too harsh with me. After all, my three brothers were in the audience. And most people in the village were secretly sympathetic with our desire to have a son.…

Moneywise it has been very difficult for us… We’ve had to take down the doors in our house and use them as beds. But, no, I’m not sorry.”

Stephen W Mosher A Mother’s Ordeal: One Woman’s Fight against China’s One Child Policy (Orlando, Florida: Harcourt Brace & Company, 1993) 232 – 234

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