Medical abortion led to “excruciating pain for more than six hours”

From a woman who had a medical (by pill) abortion:

“I had my medical abortion a few days ago at slightly less than 8 weeks. It was the most painful experience ever in my life. On top of emotional pain, when the second pill was taking effect, I had the most indescribable excruciating pain for more than 6 hours. It almost killed me… I wonder if child birth is even more painful than this… There was just so much pain that I could’t even cry… Maybe I should have chosen surgical.”

You can find this quote on LiveJournal here

The girl who posted this also says:

 I feel very empty now, the presence of my baby is gone… It just feels so “different” I’m not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing… I’m calm but something is missing…. One thing I know for sure is that this will forever be a part of my life and I will always be tied to the father of my baby emotionally.

If she already feels this type of grief and loss so soon after her abortion, one wonders how she will feel as the years go by and she begins to process the loss of her child. Many women only begin to grieve for their babies long after they had their abortions. Hopefully, she found healing.

Seven-week-old unborn baby – most abortions happen around this time
Seven-week-old unborn baby –Similar to the one this young woman lost in her abortion
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Another medical (pill) abortion story

One woman tells her story of abortion by pill:

I took my four pills at 2:45. I was fine for about an hour, than the heavy cramping started. This was easily more painful than my recovery from gall bladder surgery which I was pretty suprised about honestly. I took my anti nausea meds before taking the four pills, and then I took a Tylenol with codeine. None of which touched me. I ended up vomiting repeatedly in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. I decided to take a hot bath. This helped a lot at first, I got out of the bathtub and laid on the couch.

About thirty minutes into laying on the couch, I was in agonizing pain, pacing up and down my kitchen, randomly screaming and crying(part of that is probably because I apparently suck at handling pain). This went on until around 7:30. At 7:30 I decided a hot shower might help, I was going nuts with pain at this point and had puked again, I just wanted anything to get rid of the pain. Ten minutes into my shower I had a giant clot of some sort…it was flesh colored and the size of a standard coaster almost. After that I bled a lot and I’m still bleeding, I had one blood clot after that so far. I do feel pretty queasy right now though.

This was shared on LiveJournal.

Read more stories from women about taking the abortion pill here.

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Abortion by Pill: One Woman’s Story from Marie Claire

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel told the story of her abortion by pill in Marie Claire. She was pro-choice and thought she would have no problems.

She supported the use of the abortion pill and thought it was a good thing

“From the moment it was approved in 2000, I believed in the abortion pill. Finally! Abortion would finally become what it always should have been: a private medical matter between a woman and her doctor. It held the promise of swift, at home termination. There would be no more gauntlets of protesters at clinics, because who would know which physicians were dispensing the pills? Even better, the pill would keep abortion accessible at a time when fewer gynecologists were willing to perform them out of fear of attacks.”

Dworkin – McDaniel eventually was faced an unplanned pregnancy. According to her, when she became pregnant, she was using cocaine and would “work all day, and party, party, party all night.”

She worried that her drug use would cause medical problems for the baby:

“No matter what I did from this point on, there would always be a chance that the baby would have problems – maybe physical ones, maybe psychological issues. I wasn’t willing to roll the dice with another life.”

“There was the surgical option of course. I’d had one in college (so you think I would’ve learned this lesson already) and I dreaded the needle that would be used to numb my cervix.”

“The Mifeprex literature described some cramping and bleeding, “similar to or greater than a normal, heavy period.” This sounded far more appealing than surgical abortion. A few pills, a couple of cramps, and it would all be over. We could move on with our lives.”

“Clinic staffers had directed me to insert the tablets into my vagina in the morning so I’d have the day to recover. I envisioned recuperating on the couch with some uncomfortable but bearable cramps and soothing myself with s bad daytime TV.”…

I never made it to the couch.

“Nothing – not the drug literature, the clinic doctor, not even my own gyno – had prepared me for the searing, gripping, squeezing pain that ripped through my belly 30 minutes later. I couldn’t even form words when Stewart [her boyfriend] called to check on me. It was all I could do to gasp, “Come home! Now!” For 90 minutes, I was disoriented, nauseated, and, between crushing waves of contractions, that I imagine were close to what labor feels like, racing from the bed to the bathroom with diarrhea.”

Then, just as quickly, it was over. The next night, I started bleeding. I bled for 14 days. A follow-up ultrasound confirmed that I’d aborted. And that’s when the problems really began.

I had been prepared for the possibility that the pill wouldn’t work and I’d still need a surgical abortion – that happens in about 5 to 8 percent of cases. I also knew that I might bleed so heavily I need surgery to stop it… [But] what blindsided me, apart from being battered by the mifepristone, with a huge, cystic boils that soon covered my neck, shoulders, and back. I was also overcome by fatigue – an utter lack of ability to do anything more strenuous than sleep or lie on the couch. My brain felt so fuzzy – English seemed like a 2nd language, and I couldn’t work. On top of all that came depression; I sobbed constantly. I wouldn’t leave the house. I stopped showering.

It was only when I described my symptoms to my gynecologist that I discovered my experience wasn’t all that unusual. (The Mifeprex literature didn’t even mention it) “I think it’s underreported, but probably one in 3 women have dramatic side effects,” he told me. My body was in total chaos – pregnancy hormones clashing with anti-pregnancy hormones clashing with stress hormones. “I’ve seen a lot of women go through it – I don’t want to call it postpartum, but post event melancholy that’s more dramatic than people want to admit.” He prescribed antidepressants. “One day, you’ll feel just like your old self.” It took 9 months.”

Dworkin – McDaniel describes going back to the clinic and talking to one of the clinic workers:

 “We could have told you it wasn’t going to be easy,” a clinic staffer noted when I rattled off my complaints during my follow-up.

Why didn’t she speak up sooner?”

Norine Dworkin-McDaniel “BETRAYED BY A PILL” Marie Claire (US), Jul2007, Vol. 14 7, p184-186

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Abortion Pill Like “Giving Birth”

“It was quite a big thing, like giving birth, so I wish that I had been there for her. It was a bloody mess. Wendy went through contractions, just like a pregnancy. We didn’t think it would be quite like that.”

Boyfriend of a woman who had an abortion by pill

James D Slack Abortion, Execution, and the Consequences of Taking Life (New Brunswick: Transaction Publishers, 2009) 64

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Woman Experiences Heavy Bleeding and Diarrhea After Abortion Pill

In the December 5, 1994 edition of Time magazine, a patient who took the combination RU-486 and prostaglandin said the following:

“I was very nauseous in a couple of hours. I threw up constantly for three days… It was like food poisoning. I couldn’t keep anything down.”

“I went into the restroom. When I started to stand up, it was like a faucet turning on. There was a steady stream of blood. I passed a golf ball sized blood clot that scared me. I thought maybe it was the fetus.

The cramps stayed steady. In the last fifteen minutes of my appointment, I was doubled over. The bleeding was very heavy, heavier than a period. My mom drove me home. By this time, I was bleeding severely, and I had diarrhea.”

Randall K O’Bannon, “RU-486” National Right to Life News, January 1995

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Abortion by Pill Patient: “You Preside over Killing a Baby”

One reporter recounts the story of a woman, a 30-year-old divorced mother of two, who had an abortion by pill:

“I took the first three tablets. The process had started and it was inevitable. But you have so long to reflect on it, and I became quite upset.

The second stage was pretty awful. After taking [the drug to induce contractions], the pain became very strong. It was just like early labor. I remember finally dispelling the fetus. The nurse told me it was “beautifully formed.”

[This method] may be physically more natural, but psychologically it hits you much harder. You preside over the killing of a baby, completely unblinkingly.”

Wendy Wright “The Deceit behind RU-486: Who’s Really in Control?” Family Voice, November/December 2000

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Woman Describes RU-486 Abortion

In an article in the Boston Phoenix, a woman describes an abortion at six weeks. She describes what it was like after taking RU-486, the abortion pill:

“Back at the dorm, hours later, I know that I writhed in my twin bed, suffering from debilitating, convulsing cramps. My roommates, best friend, and boyfriend hovered around; they brought me pain killers, Tiger Balm, hot-water bottles, and applesauce, and all the while they stroked my head and conferenced in the background about how I was doing. I bled profusely as my body rejected the fetus that had been described to me as “the size of a grain of rice.” I threw up. And finally, I fell asleep.”

Anonymous “I Had an Abortion” The Boston Phoenix Sept 24, 2008

Her six-week-old embryo may have been described as a “grain of rice”, but this is what he or she really looked like. At six weeks, the baby has a heartbeat and brain waves as well as the beginning of fingers and toes.

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