Video: how they do a first trimester abortion – not graphic

In this video, father Frank Pavone from Priests for Life demonstrates the most common surgical procedure for first trimester abortions. He uses actual abortion tools and a model of an unborn baby to explain how they are done. There are no graphic pictures in this video.

To see what the remains of the baby look like after a suction abortion at eight weeks, go here. To see the remains of a baby after a 10 week abortion, like the one in the video (This is  12 weeks after the woman missed her period) go here.

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Video: baby moving around outside of mother, still in sac

This video is making its rounds on facebook and other social media. While I have not been able to find a translation of what the doctors are saying, it is likely that this is a miscarriage and not an abortion, as abortions at this stage are done by D & E, which dismembers the child. The child is most likely between 15 and 18 weeks old.

If you click here, you can see what babies at this stage look like after being aborted. 

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This is Dismemberment Abortion: Video (not visually graphic)

This video contains graphic descriptions but no graphic footage. Father Frank Pavone shows the viewer how an abortion doctor does a dismemberment (D & E) abortion, which is the most common abortion procedure done in the second trimester and early third trimester.

Here is the video

To see a picture of babies aborted by D & E at 16 weeks, go here. 

At 21 weeks

To read a graphic description of a D & E procedure by a former abortionist, who has performed hundreds, go here. 

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