Pictures: Abortion at 8 Weeks

living unborn baby at eight weeks

Before you look at the pictures of the babies aborted at 8 weeks, I want to share something with you. If you are woman considering abortion, and you came to this page wanting to find out more, please read the short little message that my friend Jewels Green wrote just for you. If you are not a woman seeking an abortion, and/or don’t want to read it, just scroll down to see the pictures. Jewels Green worked in an abortion clinic. Her clinic only provided 1st trimester abortions. She held women’s hands, watched women cry as they had their abortions. And in the backroom, she handled the broken pieces of the babies, holding the aborted babys’ feet up to a little chart to verify how far along the pregnancies were for the clinic’s paperwork. Even in the 1st trimester, many of the babies were fully  formed, like this one.

Jewels Green also had an abortion herself. She deeply regrets it. Her abortion led to a suicide attempt and many many years of emotional pain. She has experienced abortion both as a provider and as a patient.

When I spoke to her about this page, I asked her what she would want to say to someone considering an abortion. She sent me the following:

Dear Mom,

You’re thinking abortion is the right thing to do. Abortion is the best–and only–solution for you right now. How can you afford a child? What will your parents say? What about school? What about your boyfriend or husband?
Please take your time to think this through. “I have thought this through,” you say. “This is the only way,” you say. “This just isn’t the right time in my life for a baby,” you say.
Give me a chance, I say.
This isn’t the right time for me to die, I say.

And here are pictures of babies aborted at this age:

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

abortion at 8 weeks

Read Jewel’s Green’s testimony here.

Here is an excerpt:

“Working in the autoclave room was never, ever easy. I saw my lost child in every jar of aborted baby parts. One night after working autoclave my nightmares about dead babies were so gruesome and terrifying and intense I met with the clinic’s director to talk about my feelings. She was very understanding, open and honest, and painfully forthright when she told me, “What we do here is end a life. Pure and simple. There is no disputing this fact.”

Below: Anesthesia being injected into woman’s cervix before a suction abortion. The woman’s legs have been blurred out. See the rest of this procedure.


Thinking of having an abortion? Want to talk to someone? If you are considering abortion, and in the US, call this number 1800 550 4900

if you can’t get through, try 888 713 3735. or go here

For a directory of pregnancy centers that can help you, worldwide, go here.

Birthright is another excellent organization that helps women considering abortion. They have centers mostly in English speaking countries. They are not affiliated with any religion. I called them once. When I told them I was pro-life, they made a point to tell me they were “not political” They will not try to sway your decision.

And if you just want someone to talk to, feel free to email me

If you have had an abortion and need support, here are some links for you to try.

Please leave a comment. Tell us what you think!

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44 Responses to Pictures: Abortion at 8 Weeks

  1. mimi says:

    I’m asking for forgiveness. I have five children and three gkids, two on the way. I had a lot of abortions in my younger days. Back then they didn’t show pictures and the information given was scarce, I almost died after having one. I try not to preach about my wrong doings. I had so many abortions that I had to have a hysterectomy at a young age and I fell into a very deep depression. Not to mention the countless corrective surgeries. I love children. I just pray God has forgiven me.

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  3. Lisa says:

    I am 18 years old, first year in college on a full scholarship. I am pregnant and stressed. I don’t know what to do. Me and my boyfriend aren’t even suppose to be together because we are both on the same team. I’m so stressed. I want to keep my baby. Just the thought of giving someone permission to go in my area and kill my baby kills me. I just have so much going on. My parents would be so disappointed In me. I feel so alone and helpless. I feel like I’m breaking everyday. Everyday it just gets harder for me.

    • Tesa says:

      I also got pregnant when I was 18. That was in 1968 when abortions were against the law. I had to leave the country. I ws fortunate that the doctor I went to knew what he was doing. I could never have had that child. I could never have raised that child. I was mentally ill and out of control.

      I got married and had a baby ten years later. When that baby was 9 months old, I got pregnant again. I couldn’t have taken care of two children at that time. Why would I want to bring another child into an abusive relationship?

      3 years later I had another baby. When these babies were 12 and 8, I was a single mom, got pregnant again. I couldn’t support another child. I had another abortion.

      My boys are now 32 and 36, and they’re fine. I would have done a profound wrong to everone (not just myself) if I had not had those abortions. Something like half of all pregnancies abort spontaneously; many times the woman doesn’t even know she is pregnant. Unless you are sure you can raise and feed and clothe this child, don’t have it. There is as choice.

    • Ashlee says:

      Lisa, I really hope that you see this. I just want you to know that you can do this, and there is support for you. Having a baby seems crazy and stressful right now, but seek out help from a local pregnancy resource center and you’ll see just how many resources are out there for you. If you see this and want to get in touch, I’d be happy to talk to you more and help you through this. And if not, please know that I am praying for you!

    • Gina says:

      Awww ,,,, ?? 1st of all do u live with ur parents ????? And could you talk with them.?? If they love u and care for u they will help u and not push u away !because lives can not be replaced And if could tell them it would really be a relief on ur baby and u ! Girl u can do it with a baby ! But it will be a little ruff ! But u can do it ! U no what I had a friend that was pregnant in high school and was really scared to tell her mom and dad so I went with her to talk to her parents and u mo what I said I mo times will get ruff but this a human and a baby that is growing on the inside of u and u no that if u did something to harm the fetus maybe u would one day get married and want to have kids and u couldn’t because the abortion had messed u up from not never to have a baby ever again!!

  4. Paige says:

    I’m not judging anyone who chooses to abort their pregnancy I just wanted to let people know my story. I got pregnant at 15 I was an athlete the dad had football scholarships out the butt. I was a sophomore in high school was not working or anything . Yea it seemed impossible to have a child when I was a child myself , but I now have a beautiful 4 year old and it was not easy by all means it was rough I did it on my own , so ladies it is possible I have graduated college and I am now a licensed cosmetologist. You can do it it’s just not easy but I know it’s worth it . And again I don’t judge people at all you are all capable of making your own decisions for your own reasons just wanted to share

    • Gina says:

      Yes that was really a good story about u and ur baby ! And yes I no its rough ! Went through the same thing but it was not me,, it was my daughter and yes we had some UPS and Downs and we made it this far and still to this day still going she is in preschool and she Is 4 now and very smart & very beautiful granddaughter!,wouldn’t want it any other way !! Happy for her choice and she is still going forward. !!! Very proud of them both !!

  5. Becky says:

    Am 8 weeks…don’t know what to do

    • sarah says:

      If you get this message please let me tell you if it is not to late . Put your life on hold whatever it may be you are a mother the day you conceived your body is already taking care of and protecting your baby . The sickness of pregnancy will pass the hardness of birth will pass and will be forgoten in time . Love your baby enough to let it grow inside of you and i promise you are just a phone book and a phone call away from your baby living a rittzy life we all want . My email is message me if you need to talk . I even know of moms who have there baby and tell the nurses at the hospital they dont want there baby it is perfectly legal.

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  7. Louise says:

    Our dear little Grandchild. It’s so sad as Nana and Granddad didn’t get to meet you. We would’ve loved the opportunity to have raised you ourselves and would have loved you as we have loved your Daddy. My cousins (your Nana’s cousins) have paid thousands of dollars of their own money on the IVF programme to have one of you but sadly they never got the chance. They would have loved you to bits. When you were taken to Jesus you were fully formed and all you had to do was grow. God blew his living breath in you and gave you that little spirit and soul the minute you were conceived. They can even tell what colour eyes you would have had within 24 hours with your DNA. You see Nana was young, silly and sinful at 19 years old and fell pregnant with your Daddy but Nana chose life over death. Nana got to know God. Nana was scared and frightened. Nana had no family to help her out or a job and was in a woman’s refuge after being smashed over and Nana found out that she was pregnant with your Daddy. Nana started to seek God because God is truthful and true to his word.
    Proverbs 8:17 I love those who love me and who seek me with all of their heart diligently will find me. I did find Jesus and he even healed me from my smoking. I walk with him every day like you now and I grow on his living word. He puts a peace in your life beyond understanding. You see my darling Grandchild, God honoured me for keeping your Daddy instead of aborting your Daddy like everyone wanted me to. You see I put my faith and trust in Jesus and guess what, he brought your Granddad along when your Daddy was 5 months in my tummy. Then Granddad and I got married when I was 20 and had your Aunty and Uncle also by the time Nana was 23. God made a way for me all of the way through and he provided and blessed my life. I am 43 and have been married for 23 years, as old as your Daddy. We were looking forward to meeting you so much but unfortunately your Mummy didn’t value your life as Nana did with your Daddy and she didn’t know God. You were in the way of her friends and her study and were an inconvenience to her life style so she decided to terminate your life. Then you were worth a flush down the toilet in her eyes. But you now know better than that because you are with Jesus now. We pray that your Mummy finds Jesus and repents for what she did so she too can meet you one day. There would have been plenty of people out there that would have loved the opportunity to love and raise you as their own but unfortunately in this world we are all born to sin and that’s why God gave his only Son to carry our sins and pay the price and sacrifice so we could repent and in this day and age we are all into ourselves and selfish nature which is the opposite to God. I would rather be selfless than selfish but that is what sin does. Listen little one to how you got your spirit.
    Genesis 1:1&2 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void and darkness was on the face of the deep and (Listen little one) the spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. The spirit of God (little one, that’s why you have a spirit) today we are made in Gods image.
    Genesis 1:26 (So little one) Then God said let us make man in our image according to our likeness.
    Genesis 1:27 (So little one) So God created man in his own image in the image of God. He created them male and female he created them.
    Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground (and listen to this little one) and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being. So little one God gave your living breath and life to you but he loved your Mummy so much that he gave her a free will and sadly your Mummies will was death for you. It wouldn’t have been Nanas choice. But guess what? We need to love on your Mummy now so she can get to meet the Jesus we know.
    Mathew 19:26 With God all things are possible.
    Proverbs 5:21 For the ways of man are before the eyes of the Lord, and he ponders all his paths.
    Psalm 84:11 For the Lord God is a sun and a shield. The Lord will give grace and glory. No good thing will he withhold from those who walk uprightly. So there you go little one, we can’t wait to meet you in Heaven.

  8. Catarina says:

    I had an abortion 2 years ago and although I do regret the situation, I do not regret my choice. I had a long complicated issue and that seemed like the right choice— since then, I have been able to learn from my mistakes and make better choices for my life. I do not endorse abortion as a birth control method nor do I ever plan on having an abortion again. Since then I have been on birth control non-stop PLUS I use condoms as well just to make sure there is not even the slightest chance of pregnancy.

    The abortion I had was at 8 weeks and I going to school full time and working as well. The pregnancy made me so sick I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks. I was unable to get out of bed and I was going to lose my apartment and become homeless if I did not do something. I had an abortion 3 days after I found out the cause of my intense sickness was pregnancy, and my boyfriend was only 17 at the time and there was no way he would have been able to help me. He was not mature enough.

    I had an abortion and 5 hours after the procedure I woke up in my bed like I had never been sick. I was able to go to work 2 days later and go back to school and finish my diploma like nothing had ever happened.

    Abortion is a choice… it should be a choice. I just hope all women will learn from their mistakes like I did to ensure that unwanted pregnancies do not happen again!!

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  10. kalavii says:

    I had an abortion too and it was the most painful experience ever. I would never do it again, I thank God for His mercies and grace today am forgiven and can live with myself comfortably again. Thank You Jesus.

  11. Gabrielle says:

    I am 19 years old, and 5 months ago I was faced with the hardest decision in my life. 6 weeks pregnant, with a mother who wanted me to have an abortion, and a boyfriend who didn’t… and my own beliefs against the act. The love I have had for my mom made my decision super hard… but I made it on my own. I am now 21 weeks a long, with a precious baby girl, and I am so proud of myself for sticking with my beliefs. If I can do it, and other much younger girls have done it… anyone can do it without an abortion. There’s no good excuse to have an abortion, but a free escape from responsibility of our actions. You have unprotected sex, you conceive, you deliver, and from there you can choose to set up an adoption, or take control and raise that child as what it is… YOUR OWN. <3

  12. krysta says:

    To each is there own i dont believe in them i had to do a report my first year a college on abortions everyone has their own reasons for doing what they do at the end of the day you are the one who has to live with what you done like I said I don’t believe in them I do believe if you don’t want to get pregnant you should wear protection at all times regardless because when you don’t wear protection you know
    what the possibilities are

    grown enough to lay down I have unprotected sex you’re growing up take care of a baby that you make

  13. GodisLove says:

    I’ve had 7 abortions and now I am pregnant again. I’ve repeatedly made the same mistakes. I am keeping the baby I am carryin now. I’ve since repented and ask God to forgive me and help me through out this pregnancy. Abortion is horrible and devastating. I should’ve never done it that many times. I should’ve learned my lesson from the first time. I used abortion as a form of birth control. I have to live with what I did for the rest of my life. But God is a loving God and through him I found true peace and joy. Life may not be easy but with God on my side I know I’ll be ok. God loves each and everyone of you ladies regardless of what you’ve done or feel. God bless you all❤️

  14. happy forever says:

    I had an abortion at 8weeks when I was 23 and I would do it again in a heart beat (a tiny pathetic heart beat) because I was pregnant I lost my job. It was my managers baby. It would have been retarded because I was partying lots and when I found out I was pregnant I tried to electrocute it. Throw myself down the stairs . abortion is a life unruiner. PS I got my tubes tied as soon as if found a doctor who was willing. No one has the right to tell me what to do with my body. And one other thing abortion shouldn’t be used as regular birth control. I was forced to do this because I was taking crappy third world birth control pills that didn’t work. I’m so glad I don’t have a baby and I’m not on welfare or fat or saggy tits or torn vagina. When I see prolife trolls with these stupid signs ..I want to hit them in the face with a rusty coat hanger. God bless the doctor who helped me. I would guard her with my life

    • Gabrielle says:

      You are honestly sick. I’m glad you had your tubes tied and can’t put anymore heartless, worthless humans on this earth. You would have just been a POS parent anyway… and so thank you.

      • dontjudgedick says:

        She’s not a piece of shit, you are a piece of shit for judging people about their decisions, if someone wants to end a growth of cells in their body they have every right to. Look in the mirror at your judgmental self and just have a good laugh, dick.

    • debbie says:


  15. Tara says:

    I had one in 2012. I felt so horrible I fell into drug addiction. My goal was to pollute my body as much as possible. 1yr after having the abortion I looked at my life and figured what was it all for? I made a change went to church begged God for forgiveness and swore to never abort again. 2 weeks later I found out I was a few weeks pregnant pregnant. My baby girl is due in a few weeks.
    I have never been able to feel that joy or happiness again that I once felt. It’s like a piece of my soul was ripped out of me. I think about it everyday and have never regretting anything more in my life. It really scars you mentally and emotionally. Women you can do whatever you want but what I wouldn’t give to feel whole again.

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  17. chiko says:

    I have just discovered that I am pregnant and my boyfriend wanted me to abort it due to circumstances we have at hand. I wouldn’t lie, I was scared and I refused bt somehow somewhere I was thinking abt it. but reading your comments, I can’t do it and I won’t do it coz I can’t think of living my life no matter off the hook I may feel, I don’t think I will ever be happy coz from time to time, am sure I will be thinking abt it. I don’t want to go mad and I know I sinned by having sex but I don’t want to add Murder to my sin list. thanks everybody for your comments, I feel encouraged to keep it, I don’t care what embarrassment I may go through but I just want my peace of mind and I know God will be with us, even if the father says he doesn’t want to be part of it, I trust God will still be with us and he’ll see us through.

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  19. kimberly says:

    I had an abortion of a quite possibly very ill 8 week old fetus almost 20 yrs ago and have not been able to forgive myself . I have since had 2 beautiful children and one miscarriage. I still can’t help but wonder if I had the miscarriage due to the abortion. It is a horror that I will live with for the rest of my life.

  20. Sharday says:

    Thank you Adrianna, u are a beautiful person, I just had an abortion Wednesday…. I have seven children and I provide for them solely….I don’t have help… No parents or family, or children fathers….I was careless not to use protection…. And now I regret all of this….i thought this guy was the one finally, but I was wrong… He told me he wanted a baby, I got pregnant and he changed on me….now I don’t want him cuz he lied…I got the abortion and now I feel like a loser!! I help others I’m a great mom, and now this, I totally believe in god….now I don’t know what to do with my life… After reading ur message I feel better…. But im still in pain, what to do???

  21. Dan says:

    Tech, you could have exercised a bit more caution before misrepresenting the 60% statistic.

    The study I think you’re referring to was led by a British doctor, Noreen Maconochie in 2005(ish). In that study, Maconochie and her team do find that women who have had an abortion are 60% more likely to miscarry than those who haven’t. No disagreement there. However, this relationship is simply a *correlation*. The doctor herself refrains from claiming that abortions actually *cause* miscarriage.

    I don’t mean to say that abortions can’t cause future miscarriage (especially if done improperly), just that the 60% number is way overblown. Keep in mind that women who have abortions are also more likely to suffer from poor health — think substance abuse issues, obesity, and mental illness — than those who don’t. Health factors like these also explain why unready, abortive mothers would be more likely to miscarry in the future. A heavy drinker who aborts today is still more likely to have a miscarriage two years later.

    Let the data drive your argument (not the other way around)!

    Your Statistical Conscience

  22. Hayley says:

    Those pictures are super cool. Now I wish I could have seen the contents of one of my three abortions up close. :D

    • nikki says:


    • Danielle says:

      Super cool huh?!?!?! You girls are sick. Get fixed or stop having sex. Abortion is not birth control!!!!!!!!

      • Amber says:

        Lol. how funny. some of these religious people are f****** weirdos. you know what it’s hard to call something that is a little more than an embryo with little or no nervous system at all a person you freaking weirdos. they can’t even feel pain without a nervous system. they are not conscience. judge not lest ye be judged yourself! I appreciate the fact that as a woman I have a right for this choice, and I will fight for women’s rights! you have a right to your belief but keep your opinion and believe to yourself you have no right to force it upon anybody that doesn’t want to hear it. I am getting ready to have my second portion in 10 years and I live in the state of North Dakota. this place is filled with all kinds of religious freaks. I am prepared to tell the protesters outside of the only abortion clinic in the entire state to f*** off. and mind their own goddamn business. I am not kidding it pisses me off how dare you people. I believe in God I love God and I don’t think I’m going to go to hell for this. I feel that I am making it a good choice and the right decision in my circumstances and do not tolerate harassment very well.

        • Adrianna says:

          Hi Amber, I am not a “religious freak” as you call them but I am a Christian and a believer in the word of God. My father is a Pastor but I found my security in God in my own path and journey through life. After reading your passage I couldn’t help but feel extremely sad that you probably haven’t had a true experience of what it means to be a believer and embracing the word of God. You can not live life consciously making poor decisions and validating them with oh well “I believe in God. I love God and I don’t think I am going to hell for this.” Our decisions have consequences, and although no man can judge or condemn we have to be accountable of our actions and know that the Bible is set to guide not hurt, to restore not break, to fulfill not destroy us. God does love you! No matter what anyone says but he also can not forgive without repentance. Sometimes that word has a negative connotation but it simply means praying and asking God for his forgiveness and giving you the strength to not make the same decisions again. We are simply human and make mistakes. Jesus died on the cross for our sins for this purpose.

          Im from LA and have seen some “Bible thumpers” but that is not biblical. Jesus wants us to share the love of God, not condemn our brothers and sisters but let our actions speak louder than words, to let his love shine through us! He also says “Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing, my brothers this should not be.” I understand your resentment towards man brings you anger but your relationship with God is all you need to cast your cares on. Let your love for God shine brighter than the lack of knowledge from those who no not what they do. Abortion is never a good choice. It is never the answer. God is. He will provide all your needs through even the most difficult of situations. Just call on him and he will guide your paths. I’m not saying this to change your mind or to convert you if you aren’t already a believer but to share the love that I have and the conviction that God acknowledges even when I myself make mistakes and many others. No one is perfect. And if you’re saying at this moment, “How do you know? You don’t understand. How would you get what I am going through?” My answer to you would be, Yes, I do know. I had an abortion when I was 21 years old and thought it was the only option out of fear. Fear that my parents would disown me, fear that I would not financially be able to provide for myself or my baby, fear that the father would not support me, fear that I would not be able to finish school, and fear that I’ll never live the life I hoped for. God will never give us more than we can handle. Through my experience, I faced depression and lost myself. It wasn’t till I truly asked God for forgiveness and lived a life according to his word that I found true happiness. Abortion is not a form for birth control, it isn’t “practicing your rights as a women,” and it isn’t a quick fix for being sexual active. Sex is meant for marriage. It isn’t a bad thing that a lot of religious people make it out to be. It is a beautiful thing that is suppose to be shared between man and woman when a promise is made to share the rest of your lives together. Those were my hopes growing up but when I made the mistake of having sex before marriage and then an abortion, I rededicated my life and my promise to wait for the man that deserves my love. Someone who loves God before me and me before himself. You are so special to God and deserve someone who will show that to you, keeping your relationship with God the center of your lives together as a couple and valuing the scriptures by applying them to your daily lives.

          I apologize for the long reply but I hope I was able to shed some light on Christians. Jesus is love. We’re not all bad and on behalf of some of the ones who unfortunately don’t know the love of God, I am sorry! His grace is sufficient, he is never failing and his love is never-ending! I am now 23 years old and will never make the same mistake twice. I am happy and healthy but I’ll always wish I can bring back my baby for the rest of my life. Ill keep you in my prayers and hope that you find understanding in your situation! Have a blessed day!

          • Jayla says:

            I just did it and I am having a hard time with it. I didn’t think it would be this hard. The guilt I feel is unbelievable. Your statement has made me feel a little better and I just wanted you to know that I appreciate what you said.

        • lisa says:

          Murder of a child is not a right You’ve been brain washed They/Gov promote it for population control WAKEUP God said go and Multiply Thou shalt not KILL I wd Hate to be you on judgement day It’s coming no one gets out of dying Nobody leaves here alive SMH

        • Shawna says:

          Funny, you talk about religious f**** wierdo’s then quote scripture about judging lest you be judged yourself. Religion in itself is bad, Jesus was not religious, He was not Baptist or Catholic but he followed the Holy Spirit, He did and said what the Father did and said. It is unfortunate that the “religious’ types have reflected on Gods true nature and character so negatively. Plain and simple God is the giver and taker of life but he blessed man with the ability to say “yes” to be fruitful and multiply. He gave us the responsibility to take care of the gift of co laboring to create life just like he gave adam and eve the responsibility to co labor and take care of earth and all the creatures. Their free will choice screwed that up and death entered all creation because 1. Eve believed the devil over God and was just to curious and exercised her God given free will. 2. Adam chose to partake with Eve instead of saying na girl you just screwed up and I’m not with ya on this one!”
          The problem is many are not responsible with that gift of creating babies that the good Lord gave us and simply have used abortion as a form of birth control……myself 18 years ago included.
          God hates sin, not the person, abortion is wrong and is a sin and IS MURDERING! But God loves us and understands everything we do and if we ask Jesus to forgive us He is faithful and just to forgive us. The so called religious weirdos are just caring about the purpose and plan that God must obviously have for that unborn child in the woman going in for the abortion. Many want to be able to help whatever troubles the mother is facing to of made that decision.
          I’ts just a cop out for people who want to whine about the religious people so you can go around doing whatever the heck you want without repercussion and without having to face someone that may have a valid point that you just may be being selfish.
          A baby has a spirit and is alive the moment of conception or how could it grow. Just because a 1 year old does not know how to do trigonometry does that mean that their brain is dead and you should just kill it now? Cells are a part of life, anything that can come from a tiny egg and sperm to a grown human being is life at anystage after the sperm has penetrated.
          I had two abortions 17, 18 years ago. Now when I so desperately want to have a child with my husband I just had my second miscarriage and while I know I am forgiven, It would almost feel just to me that I gave God back 2 of his children out of selfishness and stupidity now I can truly understand the loss and catastrophe that happens when we make those decisions even 20 years later. The blood of Christ is enough though so I am forgiven but just remember, whether you believe in God or not that abortion decision WiLL heavily impact the rest of your life. We all have a judgement day whether you believe it or not, if u have asked for forgiveness then thank goodness, if not… better get real familiar with those ground up baby abortions pics because your hell will be worse than u could ever imagine. If you don’t believe it I pray you will come to yur senses by the time this life is done on earth because no matter what kind of an a** you are I would never want anyone to have anything but eternal joy after suffering on this earth.

    • Bella says:

      How can you think that ? Your horrible !!! Get your tubes tied !!!

    • Kathy says:

      Bitch your trifflen as fuck. Who the fuck says something like that. If i ever seen you i would beat the fuck out of you. You are sick like forreal get your prioritys straight you need mental help and thats on god !

  23. Mikayla says:

    This should never be legal in any circumstance, because it is murdering a person. Abortion is never necessary to save a mother’s life, and even if it were, it would still be wrong. You must not murder one person, so you can save another. That’s wrong.
    In cases of rape, abortion hurts the mother even more, because you are murdering her child. You cannot help her heal from this terrible offense against her dignity, by harming her child. And even if you could, it would still be wrong. You must not murder one person, so that someone else will be helped. What if you were the one being killed?

    • Mandy says:


      I find it very sad that you think abortion is not necessary even to save the mother’s life or for a rape victim. I think you should not have a say in either of those, since it is not your call to decide whose life is more important to save. I highly doubt you are a doctor, or probably even in the medical field. You are also obviously not a rape survivor or else you wouldn’t say retarded shit like that. I can only hope you continue this life of naivete because you obviously are not able to intellectually decide what is “right” or the “logical outcome”.

      Also, it does not matter “what if you were the one being killed” because dead people do not think. This is why it does not matter. Life does not begin at conception and science has proven that. As far as I know, science has been far more credible than religion ever has.

      And for the record, please never speak for a rape victim. Unless you have been raped and impregnated by your rapist you HAVE NOT RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR THEM. You honestly need to shut up and never tell anyone your opinion because you have said some of the stupidest shit I have ever read on the internet and I have read some really stupid shit before.

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