Police offer hurls insults at pro-lifers

A police officer at an abortion demonstration in Canada said to the author of a book about pro-lifers:

“It’s always the same with these papist bastards. They want to take over the fucking country. Do these pricks think they can run my life?”

Michael W Cuneo Catholics Against the Church: Antiabortion Protests in Toronto, 1969 – 1985 (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1989) 65

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Pro-Choicer screams obscene things at pro-life activist

Rachel Burkey, 21, who was with Created Equal at the Women’s March, says:

“At one point a middle-aged woman walked up to one of our female volunteers, and while reaching towards her groin, aggressively and repeatedly said, ‘Can I grab your p***y?’”

The group was displaying pictures of aborted babies to try and show the marchers how violent and brutal abortion is.

Dorothy Cummings McLean “A ‘male feminist called me a piece of s***’: pro-life youth share horror stories from Women’s March” LifeSiteNews Jan 30, 2018

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Late term abortionist hit pro-lifer with car

Late term abortionist Dr. George Tiller, who did abortions through all nine months of pregnancy, once hit a pro-life protester with his car. The protester, Mark Geitzen, was hit in the leg. He believes Tiller ran him down on purpose. Geitzen says:

“I was measuring the driveway to insure that pro- lifers were complying with the law during their prayer times when I heard an engine rev. I turned to see Tiller coming right at me. In that moment I couldn’t decide to jump to the right or to the left. I was kind of like a deer caught in the headlights.”

Tiller immediately sped away from the scene

“Abortionist Commits Hit-and-Run Two Days Before Groups Ask For Grand Jury Investigation says Operation Rescue” Christian Wire Service April 6 2006

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Pro-Choicers threw urine on pro-lifers

Abortionist Dr. William Harrison on what was done to pro-life protesters and sidewalk counselors outside his clinic:

“While I definitely did not encourage it, young people began to curse our pickets, several of whom had buckets of urine, and worse, thrown on them as they prepared to listen to a group of smiling young people who seemed to have slowed to tell them how much they supported what they were doing….

On rainy days, water was splashed on them as they stood on the narrow sidewalk in front of my office. In winter, they were splashed with slush. Their churches began to lose members. The ministers in other churches began to speak in support of me and what I do. My community began to seriously support what I did….I was supported by the mayor, the city board, police, the courts, the prosecutors and judges simply because they did their jobs.”

“A Fayetteville doctor, himself a target of abortion protesters, says law officers failed to protect Dr. George Tiller” Arkansas Times JUNE 11, 2009 Here 

Child in the womb at 9 weeks, who would be dismembered in an abortion procedure
Child in the womb at 9 weeks, who would be dismembered in an abortion procedure

See what this baby would look like after an abortion. 

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Abortion patient punches clinic escort by mistake

Abortion clinic counselor Ida Dupont wrote:

“It was really chaotic sometimes. I felt sorry for the women who had to cross that gauntlet before having their abortions.

One woman was so frustrated by the commotion that she unwittingly punched one of the escorts that was there to help her inside the clinic. She just clocked this poor woman because she thought she was an anti-choice protester. It was pretty insane.”

MINDY BOND & RAPHIE FRANK “Ida Dupont, Professor of Criminal Justice, Women’s AdvocateGothamist December 1, 2004

Those who have participated in sidewalk counseling outside abortion clinics often tell stories of angry and violent clinic escorts. In this case, a patient mistakenly hit an escort. Other sidewalk counselors have been attacked and run over with cars.  

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