Almost 90% of women changed their minds about abortion after seeing sonogram

Tom Kertcher wrote:

“ICU Mobile, based in Akron, OH, provided ultrasounds for 1,389 pregnant women. 613 of these women were “abortion minded.” Out of the 613 abortion vulnerable women, 533 or 89.9%, made a decision for life against aborting their child.”

Tom Kertcher “More than 90% of women change their minds about having an abortion after seeing an ultrasound, Rachel Campos-Duffy says” Politifact, June 12, 2013, p 4

10 week 3d sonogram
10 week 3d sonogram
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Crisis pregnancy center sees 95% of women choose life with ultrasound

An article on crisis pregnancy centers said:

…the results of performing sonograms have been startling, abortion opponents say. A survey by the Heidi Group, a Christian evangelical nonprofit organization that advises such centers on fund-raising and administration, found that those using counseling alone reported persuading 70 percent of women considering abortion to abandon the idea. In centers with ultrasound machines, that number jumped to 90 percent, said Carol Everett, the group’s chief executive.

Ms. Palumbo, director of another cpc, always weighed in:

About 45 percent of women who test positive for pregnancy at the Bowie center are “abortion-minded,” Ms. Palumbo, the center’s director said. The use of ultrasounds has convinced 50 to 75 percent of those women to change their minds, Ms. Palumbo said.

NARAL Pro-Choice America fights tooth and nail against laws that would require abortion clinics to show the sonogram to women. NARAL even spends untold amounts of money fighting in court against laws that say the clinic must only ask the woman if she wants to see it.

Nancy Keenan, president of Naral Pro-Choice America, says:

“With or without ultrasound women understand the moral dimensions of their choices.”

NEELA BANERJEE “Church Groups Turn to Sonogram to Turn Women From Abortions” New York Times February 2, 2005

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Pregnant mom sees baby’s heartbeat, decides against abortion

Andrea Brown wanted to have an abortion until she went to the crisis pregnancy center Bowie Crofton Pregnancy Center and Medical Clinic and was given an ultrasound.

“When I had the sonogram and heard the heartbeat – and for me a heartbeat symbolizes life – after that there was no way I could do it.”

NEELA BANERJEE “Church Groups Turn to Sonogram to Turn Women From Abortions” New York Times February 2, 2005

A preborn baby’s heart begins to beat as early as 16 days after conception.


3d sonogram at 7 weeks
3d sonogram at 7 weeks
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Woman chooses life after seeing “little human” on ultrasound

A woman went to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion, partly due to health problems she had. But she saw her baby on the ultrasound:

“I had convinced myself at first to get an abortion.  I talked myself into it thinking it was justifiable because of my injuries and how hard it would be on me.  And the list of how easy it would be on me was long if I just got an abortion.”

Planned Parenthood allowed her to see the sonogram image of her 10 week old baby. Perhaps the law in her state required her to be shown the ultrasound:

“After first visiting an Ob/gyn, I went to one appointment at Planned Parenthood, without telling anyone I was going.  At the first appointment, I was 10 weeks along.  They performed an ultrasound and I saw the baby — I saw that at just 10 weeks, she looked human. …I made the follow up appointment for a couple days later to have the “procedure done.”


She went back to the abortion clinic twice, but each time returned home without having the abortion. Finally, she decided to keep her baby after looking again at the printed ultrasound picture:

“I looked at the ultrasound photo from three days prior, saw the little human, and just started to cry.

I realized I had made so many “me” and “I” statements.  I am poor, living on V.A. disability.  I found a bunch of reasons to not have this baby.  But as I sat there, I realized I made a choice to have sex — the baby did not ask to be here.  At that moment, I realized, “Who am I to pick which of my kids lives and which one dies?”  It wasn’t as simple as a “procedure,” and that was the thing — I was going to kill a baby.  The baby has a heartbeat, a face, fingers and toes.”

She named her daughter Alexia Grace.

LAUREN LEE  “I Was on the Way to the Abortion Clinic to Abort My Baby, Then This Happened” LifeNews  SEP 22, 2014

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Pregnant mom sees baby “waving hands’ on ultrasound, decides not to abort

A 21-year-old woman became pregnant, and her husband’s health problems made her arrange an abortion.

“Three years ago, my boyfriend, Darren, was diagnosed with testicular cancer. While radiation treatment saved his life, he was told it might cause serious problems in his reproductive future. He was warned that his future children might be born with deformities and the mother of his children might be harmed by the pregnancy.

It was heartbreaking to be so paralyzed by fear over something my boyfriend and I would otherwise be excited for. Everyone around me was saying abortion was my only option, so I scheduled an appointment.

When we arrived at the clinic, Darren and I couldn’t help but notice a large bus parked in the parking lot. It advertised free ultrasounds and pregnancy tests. I was curious and knew I would need an ultrasound before I had an abortion, so we poked our heads in.

The Stork Bus was parked outside the clinic. It was staffed by pro-lifers hoping to save children whose mothers had scheduled them for abortion.

We explained our situation to the nurse in the bus. She listened to our fears and concerns with deep sympathy.

I laid back on a reclining leather chair, where the nurse gave me my ultrasound. We had no idea that I was already 18 weeks along. It was moving around and waving its hands! The nurse said the baby looked totally healthy. Darren and I both started to cry.

18 weeks
18 weeks

We are so thankful that we chose to get an ultrasound in the Stork Bus. If we hadn’t, we might have never learned that our baby was actually completely healthy. We realized that we could not let the difficulties in our pasts define our future. We can’t wait to be a healthy family of three in a little over a month!”

Baby saved from abortion after mother sees him waving on the ultrasoundLive Action News May 8, 2017

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Seeing ultrasound of son makes pro-choice man “think again”

Ultrasound at 10 weeks
Ultrasound at 10 weeks

In a book on abortion, one pro-choice man was surprised to see his baby on ultrasound:

“I must say, seeing Edward on the ultrasound screen at 12 weeks’ pregnancy did make me think again about abortion. It certainly presents you with rigid evidence of the living reality of the unborn child.”

From the author:

“He is still, he says, not antiabortion. But he is now in little doubt of what exactly it entails.”

Mary Kenny Abortion: The Whole Story (London: Quartet Books, 1986) 294

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Doctor: ultrasound revealed baby in womb to be “active little creature”

Dr. Michael R Harrison on ultrasound:

“The fetus could not be taken seriously as long as he remained a medical recluse in an opaque womb; and it was not until the last half of this century that the prying eye of the ultrasound rendered the once opaque womb transparent, stripping the veil of mystery from the dark inner sanctum, and letting the light of scientific observation fall on the shy and secretive fetus….Sonography can accurately delineate normal and abnormal fetal anatomy with astounding detail. It can produce not only static images of the intact fetus, but real time “live” moving pictures… The sonographic voyeur, spying on the unwary fetus finds him or her a surprisingly active creature, and not at all the passive parasite we had imagined.”

Michael R Harrison “Unborn: Historical Perspectives of the Fetus As Patient” Pharos (Winter 1982): 19 – 24

7 weeks
7 weeks
10 weeks
10 weeks


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Woman changes her mind about abortion after seeing baby’s heartbeat on ultrasound

A woman was on her way into an abortion clinic when a pro-lifer from Save the Storks reached out to her and asked if she wanted to see an ultrasound of her baby.

The woman recounts what happened next:

I entered the bus with mixed emotions. I knew what I wanted, but I also knew what I had to do. I wanted to be a mom, but knew that I had to wait.

The nurse asked me several questions about my health history and I ended up telling her all about my previous abortion and the terrible effects it had had on me. I told her that deep down I felt that this pregnancy was my “second chance”—my second chance to make the right decision and my second chance to be a mom.

She asked if I wanted to have an ultrasound done so that I could see my baby. I eagerly said “yes” and sat down on the leather table. I leaned back and the nurse moved the ultrasound probe around my stomach. The nurse showed me my baby’s heartbeat—I couldn’t believe it! That was all I needed to decide that I was going to keep my baby.


The nurse and counselor prayed with me and assured me that I would not be alone on my journey through motherhood. They told me about local pregnancy centers where I could receive resources that would help me find housing, food, and supplies for my child while my boyfriend and I continued to look for jobs.

Save the Storks “Woman Rejects Abortion After Seeing Her Baby’s Heart Beat on an Ultrasound” LifeNews JAN 20, 2017

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CPC: 95% of women who saw sonogram of their baby chose life

A pro-life book revealed the following statistics:

“In one report from a crisis pregnancy center in Ohio – with no ultrasound administered – just 20% of abortion minded clients continued with their pregnancies. But when an ultrasound was administered, 95% of the women continued on with their pregnancies.”

Wendy Williams, Ann Caldwell Empty Arms: More Than 60 Life-Giving Stories of Hope from the Devastation of Abortion (Chattanooga, Tennessee: Living Ink Books, 2005) XI


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Woman goes to pregnancy center, sees baby isn’t ‘piece of tissue’

Jessica Gore, from Texas:

“I went to the sonogram appointment at Burleson Pregnancy Aid Center even though I had already been to Planned Parenthood and thought that abortion was right for me. But when I looked at the sonogram screen, I knew that I had been lied to. What I saw on the screen was not a ‘piece of tissue’ like Planned Parenthood had told me. The tiny flicker of light, a heartbeat, was my child. I was instantly in love.

I would have been lost without the guidance of the Pregnancy Aid Center. Through their programs I learned how to care for my infant daughter. I would not be the person I am today if it hadn’t been for the caring people of the Burleson Pregnancy Aid Center and the experiences I’ve had there. Without them, my daughter would not be alive and I cannot imagine my life without her.”

VIRGINIA CLINE “Moms At Risk for Abortion Tell Congress Pregnancy Centers Helped” Life News JUL 26, 2012

Ultrasound: first trimester
Ultrasound: first trimester
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