Doctor Debates Making Money off Abortion

On the eve of Roe Vs. Wade, a doctor ponders whether or not he should begin performing abortions. He says:

“I must decide whether I should get rich or watch my colleagues get rich from my rejects [the abortions he refused to do]”

Modern Medicine, May 14, 1973, page 35: quoted on page 227 of James Tunstead Burtechaell, C.S.C. Rachel Weeping: the Case against Abortion (San Francisco, CA: Harper & Row Publishers, 1982)

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Some Abortion Providers Are Motivated By Money

The writer’s of the blog “” wrote in 2005 (in a post about women who came to the clinic ambivalent)”

“Of course, there are many abortion providers who are mostly motivated by money.”

You can find this post here.

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Abortionist: I Had Money Coming out of My Ears

One former abortionist was quoted saying:

“I had so much money, I would go out to lunch sometimes, out of boredom, and buy a new automobile. Sometimes I would leave in the afternoon, and I would fly to another city to have dinner. I had money coming out of my ears. I couldn’t spend it fast enough.”

Paul deParrie The Rescuers. (Brentwood, Tennessee: Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers) 1989 p 123

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Abortionist: People Are Making Megabucks

“People are making mega-bucks in it [abortion].”

Dr. Albert R. Brown, abortionist, LA Times “Handful of Clinics Put the Poor at Risk for the Record” April 5, 1998

Quoted by Life Dynamics

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The Abortion Song

In his famous book Aborting America (New York, Doubleday Company, 1979) former abortionist and abortion rights crusader turned pro-lifer Dr. Bernard Nathanson discusses how many doctors began performing abortions after it became legal, motivated by the money that could be made. He quotes a song he remembers from his days as an intern:

“There’s a fortune….in abortion
Just a twist of the wrist and you’re through.
The population….of the nation
Won’t grow if it’s left up to you.
In the daytime…In the nighttime
There is always more work to undo.
Oh there’s a fortune…In abortion
But you’ll wind up in the pen before you’re through.
Now there’s a gold mine…in the sex line
And it’s so easy to do.
Not only rabbits…have those habits
So why worry about typhoid and flu?
You never bother…the future father
and there’s so many of them too.
Oh there’s a fortune…in abortion
But you’ll wind up in the pen before you’re through.”

Page 17

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Abortionist Celebrates His Profits

Mark Julienne , in his article “Suddenly I’m a Legal Abortionist” in Medical Economics Nov. 23, 1970, discusses how he began to perform abortions after they were legalized in certain states:

“Financially, after years of struggle, I can’t help feeling like the Texan who drilled for water and struck oil.”

Quoted in Sisterlife

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Abortion Clinic Director: Everyone Knows This Clinic Is Profitable

“Everyone knows this clinic is profitable. We have made money. It would be foolish of me to say that this clinic isn’t profitable.”

Marilynn Buckham, director of GYN Womenservices, the Buffalo area’s biggest abortion business, quoted in “For Some, Abortion is a Business … and Business is Good.” Buffalo News, November 24, 2002, and in Steven Ertelt’s Pro-Life Infonet, November 25, 2002.

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Abortion Clinic Was a Big Moneymaking Operation

“When I mentioned that this particular abortion clinic was a big money-making operation, I only remember one of the doctors stating at one particular time that he could do three abortions in ten minutes and make the same amount of money as delivering one woman full term, and he might have to get up in the middle of the night to go deliver this baby.”

Former abortion clinic worker Kathy Sparks, from her talk at The Meet the Abortion Providers Convention, 1993

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