National Abortion Federation Director Defends High Abortion Profits

Uta Landy
1983 executive director of the National Abortion Federation
The Associated Press,The Business Is Abortion _ And It’s a Big Business:1-17-1983

In an AP story entitled : The Business Is Abortion _ And It’s a Big Business, 1983 National Abortion Federation (NAF) director, Uta Landy defended abortion profits with this comment,

Abortion “certainly is profitable and the astonishing thing is that it remains extremely cost effective compared to other medical procedures.”

From Life Dynamics

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“Abortion Has Been Good to Me,” Says Abortionist

Robert Crist
St. Petersburg Times, “A chain of tears:’ a doctor and abortion:6-3-1990

“Abortion has been good to me.” The paper points out that he lives with his wife and young son in a big house, drives a nice car, and is financially secure.

From Life Dynamics


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Abortion Clinic Administrator cuts corners, Offers Woman Less Effective Care

Renee Chelian
abortion clinic administrator
NY Times, As Abortion Rate Decreases, Clinics Compete for Patients:12-30-2000

The New York Times reported that the cost of offering three abortion pills plus lab work would drive up the cost of abortions. The dilemma was that many women were requesting the pills. They stated that abortion clinic administrator, Renee Chelian said that she is considering offering women just one pill (RU-486) instead of three and to have them sign a form saying they understand that one pill is not the approved dose but that studies have shown that one pill is effective. Then she can charge them just $80 more than for a surgical abortion.

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Money Is the Bottom Line

Renee Chelian
abortion clinic administrator
Washington Times: Abortion fare wars, 1-3-2001/Abortion Rate Decreases, Clinics Compete for Patients:12-30-2000

“As altruistic as women and feminists want to be, the reality is that we can only stay in business if we earn enough to keep our door open,” she says.

What Ms. Chelian calls altruism would seem to have its limits.

From the author:

“It’s not easy being an entrepreneur, but there’s something mind-bendingly perverse about these bland, matter-of-fact dissections of the bottom line in the abortion industry – about offering mifepristone, the so-called abortion pill formerly known as RU-486, as “a loss leader.” About mergers to offset the decline in women seeking to terminate their pregnancies; about the problems independent clinic owners have with Planned Parenthood clinics and their bargain-basement price scale.”


Quoted by Life Dynamics

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Abortionists make $100,000 a Year For A Few Hours Work a Day

“While few want to talk about the money those abortion doctors can make, clinic owners and doctors agree that doctors can make several hundred thousand dollars a year working part time, a few hours a day with their fees averaging $60 for a first-trimester abortion. Although they do have hefty fees for malpractice insurance, doctors who travel from clinic to clinic have no overhead and no record keeping.”

NY Times: “As abortion rates decrease, clinics compete for patients” December 30, 2000

Quoted by Life Dynamics

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Associated Press: Abortion Is “Big Business in America”

The Associated Press made this their lead sentence in an article entitled “The Business Is Abortion _ And It’s a Big Business”

“Hector Zevallos’ small-town Illinois business served 700 people in its first year. Now his operation sees more than 4,300 customers annually, advertises in the Yellow Pages and accepts major credit cards.

The business is abortion. And it’s big business in America.”

The Associated Press “The Business Is Abortion _ And It’s a Big Business” January 17, 1983

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Abortion Makes Doctor Rich

About abortionist Edward Allred:

“Make no mistake: abortion has been very good to Allred. After a two-year stint as an Army doctor, he began his private practice in 1967 with a “negative net worth.” Today he owns several exclusive mansions, a fleet of expensive cars and jets, Rolling A Ranches in Nevada, and New Mexico’s prestigious Ruidoso Downs racecourse, where slot-machine gambling is legal. In 1989, Allred parlayed his fortune into partial ownership of the $47 million Los Alamitos Race Course in Cypress. February, the quarter-horse aficionado (he stables more than 400 of them) announced that he had bought out his last major partner to become sole owner of the lucrative racetrack, which takes in more than $1 million in bets daily.”

OC weekly “The Abortionist Who Funds Pro-Life Republicans” R. Scott Moxley June 24, 1998

Quoted by Life Dynamics

Learn more about Edward Allred

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$5 Million a Year

“She ( Deborah Struthers) won’t release the sales and profits from her clinics, but with about a quarter of the state’s 46 licensed abortion clinics, her centers have estimated revenues of about $ 5-million a year.”

St. Petersburg Times (Florida) “Pressure changing abortion industry // Raging controversy leaves business to small operators” October 12, 1989

Note: this was in 1989

From Life Dynamics

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Abortion Clinic Run for Profit

Former employees of the Bread and Roses abortion clinic told the Feminist Voices Journal that:

Employee Margaret,

“The real philosophy is, each woman is worth X amount of money, and the more women we can see the more money we can make. It was not, ‘How did you treat the patients?’ but “how fast did you draw their blood.”

Employee Laura McEnaney,

” We were told…get them in and get them out. I was admonished for not going quick enough.”

Several employees likened the clinic to ” an assembly line” and a “7-11″

Employee Judy said Bread and Roses is an example of what an abortion clinic should not be,”it just fuels the fire for pro-lifers and that worries me.”

Two employees said they were trained to,” maximize the marketing potential.”

Quoted from Life Dynamics

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Abortionist: You’d Walk into a Sea of Money

Abortion provider Dr. Don Sloan.

“It was a cash business. The price was right for the service provided…But we had volume. The receptionists at the desk collected the fees, and when the cash boxes overflowed, as they did nearly every day, they filled the drawers…counting it was time consuming; sometimes it didn’t get done right away. When the banks weren’t open, we just closed off a room and put the none-too-neat piles of money in it. By the end of the weekend, you’d open a door and walk into a sea of money.”


Don Sloan, M.D. and Paula Hartz. Choice: A Doctor’s Experience with the Abortion Dilemma. New York: International Publishers 2002 p 44


“Despite constant references to the “abortion industry” by antiabortion groups, it does not produce wealth.”

“Let’s Tell the Truth About Abortion” pamphlet distributed by Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood. Fight Back Brass, 1985 P 9 and 12


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