Book Review: Life Choices: The Teachings of Abortion

Even though I’m pro-life, I read pro-choice books to get another perspective and to learn as much about the issue as possible.I don’t have a lot of qualms about giving a bad review to this one. The book was basically New Age mumbo-jumbo. It was written by a clinic worker who tries to present abortion as being a holy experience that allows a woman to learn about herself and experience the spiritual power of pregnancy. The book was full of long passages of New Age rhetoric that didn’t make a whole lot of sense:

“The soul energies we contact around some pregnancies might be coming in to help women learn how to make choices. With regard to the continuum between nonphysical and physical life, they could probably go either way. Does this sound like a self-serving rationalization to assuage guilty feelings? Perhaps, but I think not. If anything, thinking about the spiritual life of pregnancy allows women to face difficult feelings like fear and guilt while embracing gentler possibilities. As we learn to care for and respect ourselves, we become capable of bringing life through our bodies that is a promise of being loved and cared for the physical world.”

Despite her pro-choice bias, the author lets slip a few times that she knows that abortion is killing:

“The choice to allow death to occur through abortion is an expression of women’s creative life-giving power in action.… For most women choosing to have an abortion is a loving, caring act… It is our sense of responsibility for life that usually plays a central role in decision-making about pregnancy.”

Yeah, killing the baby really is a loving and caring act.

9 week, first trimester when most abortions take place
9 week, first trimester when most abortions take place

She also admits that abortion is hard for many women:

“Consciously controlling the process of pregnancy and deciding to turn back pregnancy often produces a mix of feelings, which includes sadness and loss.… The arrival of the menstrual period during the 1st few months after an abortion reminds a woman that she is no longer pregnant. For some women this is a cause for celebration. For others it precipitates a drop into sadness, and is a painful reminder of the loss of the pregnancy… If the feeling of emptiness goes on for a long time, a woman might become at risk for depression.”

Really, the book seem to be the clinic worker’s attempt to sugarcoat abortion and make it out to be a profound spiritual experience (?) that benefits women when the reality is something far different.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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