Baby who survived abortion suffered developmental delay, intracranial bleeding, hydrocephalus, and disfigurement

The book Lime Five recounts the following malpractice case:

“On July 16, 1985, “Lynette” underwent an abortion at a Planned Parenthood facility in Michigan. Prior to the abortion, no ultrasound was performed to determine the gestational age of the fetus. Dr. X ruptured the amniotic sac, then referred Lynette to a hospital where, five days later, she gave birth to a two pound, three and a half ounce premature infant boy. Because of the botched abortion attempt, the baby suffered developmental delay, intracranial bleeding, hydrocephalus, and disfigurement.”

Washtenaw County (MI) Circuit Court Case No. 85–30344 NM

Mark Crutcher Lime 5: Exploited by Choice (Denton, Texas: Life Dynamics, Inc., 1996) 75

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