Baby Charlie, aborted at 20 weeks

911 Babies recently shared a picture of Baby Charlie, a twenty week old (allegedly) aborted baby.

baby charlie 20 weeks

Here is the story that was shared:

“Baby Charlie was aborted at about 20 weeks of gestation. All his organs were functioning; he just needed time to grow. A pathologist gave him to pastors Norn Stone and Jerry Horn in 1986. They gave the baby to me at the Pensacola march that year. I carried him across America and brought him into churches. The reaction was horror. Many wept, and many cursed me. We buried him in Milton, FL several months later. I couldn’t take any more. He needed the dignity of a burial. I will never forget this little boy. He had one finger that pointed out as if to ask, “Where were you when I was led away to slaughter?” I’ll see you in heaven, baby Charlie”

 Penny Lea

Because of the condition of the body, I would estimate that he was aborted by the prostaglandin method, in which the prostaglandin is given by IV or vaginal suppository and forces a woman’s body to go into labor. he may have been injected with poison to prevent a live birth. This method was often used in the mid 1980s. Bruises on the baby’s body imply that labor was traumatic, possibly indicating this type of abortion, which caused what doctors referred to as “tetanic” contractions, which were very strong contractions that are continuous and could damage the baby severely (as well as being very painful for the mother) Another possibility is saline, a salt solution injected into the womb that burns the outer layer of skin. Because there are no visible burns, this was may not have been the method used.  Urea, which is another poison, is also a possible cause of death.

Formalin solution is commonly used in abortion clinics to prevent the baby’s from rotting and causing odors in the clinic. This or formaldehyde may have preserved the body. The gray skin is compatible with such preservatives.

I cannot verify from the picture that this is not a stillbirth. Nor have I personally interviewed the writer of the story. Therefore, I cannot state with total certainty that her story is true. But in a stillbirth, the cord is usually cut close to the body. The bruising on the skin is also inconsistent with a stillbirth.

Take from it what you will.

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Author: Sarah

Sarah Terzo is a writer for Live Action and a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians and Consistent Life. She lives in NJ.

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