Babies were born alive after abortions “once a day,” says 1977 article

An article in the Medical World News from 1977 contains the following disturbing statement:

“About once a day, somewhere in the US, something goes wrong and an abortion results in a live baby.”

The article also gives this statistic:

“45 of the 670 trimester abortions done in Mount Sinai Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut between 1974 1976 resulted in live births.”

“Avoiding Tough Abortion Complications, a Live Birth” Medical World News, November 14, 1977

Why were live births after abortion so common then? It may have been because many abortions were done by saline injections, which were supposed to poison the baby, and then labor was induced – but sometimes the saline failed, and a live baby was born. Live births still happen today, generally when poison is injected into the baby’s amniotic sac, but fails to kill him or her. More often, however, babies in the second trimester are killed through D&E, where they are dismembered in utero and therefore there is no chance of them being born alive. Read more about babies born alive after abortions in this section

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Author: TA Smith

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