Arguments for Slavery, Arguments for Abortion

In an anthology of essays by African American pro-life activists, Reverend Walter Hoye compared the arguments used to support abortion to the arguments used to support slavery.

For example:

“In 1867, Buckner Payne, Publisher: “The Negro is not a human being.”

In 1984, Rabbi Wolfe: “A fetus is not a human being.”


In 1900, Professor Charles Carroll: “The Negro is… one of the lower animals.”

In 1985, Dr. Hart Peterson on fetal movement. Summarize that it was: “Like… a primitive animal that’s poked with a stick.”


In 1903, Dr. William English: “The Negro race is… a heritage of organic and psychic debris.”

In 1980 Dr. Mariti Kekomaki: “An aborted baby is just garbage… just refuse.”


Southerners during the time of slavery: The black slaves are property.

In 1986, attorney Lori Andrews, summed up the abortion argument with this statement, “People’s body parts [embryos] are their personal property.”


“Persons Not Property.” Reverend Walter Hoye Doctor Alveda King and Dr.La Verne Tolbert Life at All Costs: an Anthology of Voices from 21st-Century Black Pro-Life Leaders (Xlibris Corporation, 2012) Pages 48 – 49

Below: African-American baby aborted at 20 weeks. Abortion is legal at this time throughout the United States.


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Author: Sarah

Sarah is a member of the board of The Pro-life Alliance of Gays and Lesbians.

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