Abortionist upset by women who get second, third, or fourth abortions

The son of an abortionist describes how his father felt about women who came in for repeat abortions:

“Generally, though, he said seeing patients register sadness did not disturb him- what else could be expected from a decision as weighty and personal as this? What did bother him was seeing a patient (and there were some) for her second, third, or fourth abortion, even after she had been counseled to use contraception, and finding that she still acted blasé about it. “That upsets me,” he said.

Eyal Press “Absolute Convictions: My Father, a City, and the Conflict that Divided America” (New York: Henry Holt & company, 2006) P 246-247

He is not the only abortionist or clinic worker to feel troubled about women who have repeat abortions. Here are some other quotes by clinic workers and doctors about the ambivalence and sometimes outright disgust they feel toward repeat aborters. This raises an interesting question – if abortion is simply a removal of cells, and end of her pregnancy, a simple procedure, why is it troubling to providers when women have multiple abortions? If abortion was not the killing of a baby, why would it matter if a woman had one or 5 or 10? Quotes like the show the clinic workers, who see the bodies of aborted babies daily, know that abortion is much more than simply removing some cells or “terminating a pregnancy.”

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Author: TA Smith

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