Abortionist tells women “you killed your baby”

Late term abortionist Warren Hern’s wife worked in an abortion clinic as well.When Hern was working in Spain as an abortionist, he wrote her letters. Speaking in broken English, because she grew up in Cuba, Hern’s wife recalls the content of one of the letters:

“When I was aborting in Spain, I finished the abortion to a young woman, first trimester. When I finish this procedure, she sit on the table, see me to my face, say, Oh, doctor, you are really nice, you are such angel, how do you kill babies? I say, I’m sorry, I don’t kill any baby. I aspirate gestational sac. You kill your baby.“

John H. Richardson “The last abortion doctor” Esquire September 1, 2009

3-D sonogram of first trimester baby in the womb
3-D sonogram of first trimester baby in the womb


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Author: Sarah

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