Abortionist: “Planned Parenthood Is the Walmart of Abortion Clinics”

Pro-choice author Melody Rose discusses how smaller clinics cannot compete with the business model of Planned Parenthood. She quotes one abortionist badmouthing the Planned Parenthood franchise:

“Some of the country’s independent providers who have been in business for decades are finding that they cannot compete with Planned Parenthood. This organization is a formidable competitor in part because it is subsidized by its foundation, and can therefore afford to offer abortions at a lower cost than independent clinics can. What is more, Planned Parenthood has been offering the abortion procedure at more and more of its clinics, and as the nation’s largest provider, probably has better name recognition than smaller, private clinics. For example, Peter Bours, a physician in Oregon, reports that new Planned Parenthood franchises in his area are making one of his offices financially untenable; whereas he has once provided 100 or more abortions per month in his Portland office, he now performs around 20. Referring to Planned Parenthood as “the Wal-Mart of abortion clinics,” Bours contends that the larger providers offer inferior services, and that as a result women are being poorly served by the expansion of the organization in abortion provision. Although very competitive in terms of price, Bours maintains that their level of care is lower, and that patients often see clinicians with less training than physicians at smaller facilities might have.”

Melody Rose “Safe, Legal and Unavailable? Abortion Politics in the United States” (Washington DC: CQ Press) 2007 p 92

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