Abortionist killed 35,000 human beings in 7 years

One abortionist did 35,000 abortions in seven years.

“From 1970 through the greater part of 1977, California millionaire – abortionist Dr. Edward Allred was personally responsible for destroying 35,000 human lives before birth, including some 7000 midtrimester killings by salt poisoning. When asked by a reporter what happens in an abortion, Dr. Allred made no reference to the killings, but replied: “the contents are evacuated.”

Assignment Life, New Liberty Films, Burbank, California, 1980

William Brennan The Abortion Holocaust: Today’s Final Solution (St. Louis, Missouri, 1983) 115

Allred also botched many of these abortions. 

And made offensive, racist statements. 

18 weeks

18 weeks

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