Abortionist is a “capitalist” and a “crusader”

From abortionist Tommy Tucker.

“It started out as a financial thing. But I got heavy into the [abortion rights] movement and realized there was a lot of need for physicians.”

From the author of the article this was taken from:

“Dr. Tucker considers himself as much a capitalist as a crusader and says he makes about $200,000 a year… He hopes income from all 6 clinics will eventually push his annual income to $700,000.”

Tucker says:

“My income will go up, but I earn it. I work hard for what I do, and I am proud of what I do.”

The article described him as an avid gambler. He said:

“There’s something about when you walk in and you hear the one armed bandits going cha –ching, cha–ching,” he said on a recent Tuesday night before losing $1500,” I love the action.”

Jim Yardley “Abortion Doctor Says It’s the Cause, and the Cash, that Keep Him Driving” (Atlanta, Georgia) Journal May 16, 1993

At the time of the article, he had been sued at least 10 times for botched abortions, but had no malpractice insurance. He later lost his license for botching an abortion so severely the patient died, and, what’s worse, leaving her bleeding and dying in the care of a clinic worker with no medical training. This clinic worker, who had never been to medical school, was also performing abortions at his clinic and inserting IUDs. There were many complications. Tucker was also accused of killing a baby born alive after an abortion procedure. A number of clinic workers claimed that they’d seen him kill the infant, and Joy Davis, the clinic worker who unsuccessfully tried to save the life of the injured woman, says that Tommy Tucker admitted to her that he killed the baby. Authorities investigated, but they could never find a body, so they were never able to press charges against him. You can read testimony from a clinic worker who worked with him here.

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