Abortionist gives reason why the pro-life movement is successful

Pro-choice activist Judith Arcana, who has performed abortions, gave the reasons why she thinks the pro-life movement has been so successful in the US. This is one of the reasons she mentioned:

“Third, there is science, the technology of pregnancy. People can now make fetuses live, keep them alive outside of a woman’s body, from far earlier in pregnancy than was ever imagined by us, thirty years ago. Rapidly changes in medical technology have changed pregnancy utterly. We can now watch babies growing, virtually from the beginning of pregnancy, throughout their development; one result of this is that women relate to the fetus quite differently – primarily after the third or fourth month of course…

Judith Arcana ““Feminist politics and abortion in the US,”  Psychology and Reproductive Choice

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sonogram of baby at 22 weeks

sonogram of baby at 22 weeks

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