Abortionist gives reasons late term abortions are done

Dr. David Grundmann, the medical director for Planned Parenthood of Australia, wrote a paper on partial birth abortions where he stated the reasons why he performed them. The paper was titled “Abortion After Twenty Weeks in Clinical Practice: Practical, Ethical and Legal Issues.” From National Right to Life:

Dr. Grundmann wrote that in Australia, late-second-trimester abortion is available “in many major hospitals, in most capital cities and large provincial centres” in cases of “lethal fetal abnormalities” or “gross fetal abnormalities,” or “risk to maternal life,” including “psychotic/suicidal behavior.” However, Dr. Grundmann said, his Planned Parenthood clinic also offers the procedure after 20 weeks for women who fall into five additional “categories”: (1) “minor or doubtful fetal abnormalities,” (2) “extreme maternal immaturity i.e. girls in the 11 to 14 year age group,” (3) women “who do not know they are pregnant,” for example because of amenorrhea [irregular menstruation] “in women who are very active such as athletes or those under extreme forms of stress i.e. exam stress, relationship breakup…,” (4) “intellectually impaired women, who are unaware of basic biology…,” (5) “major life crises or major changes in socio-economic circumstances. The most common example of this is a planned or wanted pregnancy followed by the sudden death or desertion of the partner who is in all probability the bread winner.”

“For what reasons are partial-birth abortions usually performed?” National Right to Life” Here Visited 12/3/2017

22-24 weeks
22-24 weeks

Any of those reasons could be given for aborting a baby like the one above.

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