Abortionist feels nothing for “child who does not exist”

Dr. Howard I Diamond, abortionist, when asked about abortionists who feel guilt:

“Why should they feel that way? Cultural – it’s all cultural. Like eating snake meat. If you tell yourself it’s disgusting, you’ll get sick….If I feel anything, I feel gratified. Abortion is much more important than the life of a child that doesn’t exist. When I saw how simple a procedure it was, I thought what a crime that women have suffered and gone down in shame. A fetus is nothing! The talk about abortion doesn’t touch on the reality of what goes on out there. It doesn’t touch on the 16-year-old whose mother took away her birth control pills because she did poorly on her examinations, does it?”

Norma Rosen “Between Guilt and Gratification: Abortion Doctors Reveal Their Feelings” New York Times April 17, 1977

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