Abortionist Expresses Concerns about Abortion Safety in the Post-Roe Era

Dr. Albert Altchek who had done 5,000 abortions, on Roe Vs Wade in 1973 editorial:

“As one who was active in promoting [legal abortion] I was elated. However, in a short while an inner deep concern developed. The Court indicated that first-trimester abortion may be performed by any physician without any government restriction. This opinion was based on …. The Court’s finding that such abortion is safer than regular childbirth. The latter observation, based on a carefully controlled series of abortions performed in New York state, may not necessarily hold true if the floodgates of completely unsupervised abortion are suddenly opened nationwide. I predict that within one year our profession will sadly record a far greater morbidity and mortality rate than has been reported so far.”

Albert Altchek, M.D. F.A.C.O.G. “Editorial: Abortion Alert” Obstetrics and Gynecology Sept 1973

And, indeed, legalized abortion has ushered in a new era of complications in abortion deaths. Read about some of these deaths here.

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Author: Sarah

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