Abortionist explains how few doctors want to prescribe abortion pill

When the abortion pill first became available, the FDA required general practitioners or other non-abortionists who prescribed it to have an agreement with an abortion provider to do a backup surgical abortion if the pills failed. One abortionist who runs a clinic explained how no local doctors had contacted her to do these backup procedures – meaning that none of the doctors in the area wanted to start prescribing the abortion pill.

Dr. Deborah Oyer, medical director and owner of Aurora Medical Services in Seattle

”We have not been called by anybody about surgical backup and we are the only clinic in the Pacific Northwest that’s been using mifepristone since the first trials. ‘We have gotten lots of calls over the years about medical abortions. We have done seminars on medical abortions and we have had tons of phone calls from the lay public and potential patients. But I don’t know of any doctors calling about surgical backup or about how to get started. ”I’m a little surprised,” she said. ”But also at some level, I’m not. In studies that were done in the last several years, there were always a significant percent of doctors who say they would do medical abortions. But I was always a little suspicious. It’s a lot easier to say you’ll do it than to actually do it.”

Gina Kolata.” Wary doctors spurn new abortion pill; some doctors insist that a surgical abortion remains a better alternative than the new pill.” The New York Times Nov 14, 2000

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