Abortionist does early abortions with his bare hands

Vincent J Genovese wrote a book about an illegal abortionist who performed over 100,000 abortions before Roe V Wade. The author praises the abortionist throughout the book, and lifts him up as a champion for women. In this passage, Genovese describes how the abortionist killed a very young unborn baby:

“With the dilation complete, the next step… was to extract the fetus. At this point, most doctors prefer to use a blunt instrument called a curette to accomplish this. Dr. Spencer preferred using his index finger. His hands were small and extremely tuned to the touch of the uterus… He simply inserted his finger and moved it deftly against the uterine wall, causing both fetus and placenta to break free. When he felt this happen he would call for small pair of forceps and gently remove the 7-week-old embryo. It was discarded without any sense of loss into a basin which already held two others from this morning’s work. He went back to make sure all the products of conception were removed and that the uterus had begun to contract in order that there be no bleeding.”

Vincent J Genovese The Angel of Ashland: Practicing Compassion and Tempting Fate (Amherst, New York: Prometheus Books, 2000) 14 – 15

Seven week-old preborn baby
Seven week-old preborn baby
Close-up of seven week preborn baby's feet
Close-up of seven week preborn baby’s feet
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