Abortionist Crushes the Skull Of a 17 Week-Old Unborn Baby (Slate Oct 22, 2003)

16 week old unborn baby

 “Earlier this year, I began an abortion on a young woman who was 17 weeks pregnant. Because of the two days of prior treatment, the amniotic membranes were visible and bulging. I ruptured the membranes and released the fluid to reduce the risk of amniotic fluid embolism. Then I inserted my forceps into the uterus and applied them to the head of the fetus, which was still alive, since fetal injection is not done at that stage of pregnancy. I closed the forceps, crushing the skull of the fetus, and withdrew the forceps. The fetus, now dead, slid out more or less intact. With the next pass of the forceps, I grasped the placenta, and it came out in one piece. Within a few seconds, I had completed my routine exploration of the uterus and sharp curettage.”

Dr. Warren Hern, who performs abortions up until the 34th week in his Boulder abortion clinic

Warren M. Hern “A Doctor Ponders a New Era of Prosecution: Did I Violate the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban” Slate Oct 22, 2003.

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